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Jan 30, 2013 05:53 AM

Chantecler's new menu?

Has anyone been to Chantecler since they switched from an a la carte menu? What do they tend to serve? How is the new tasting menu?
Admittedly I was hoping to go to Harbord Room for dinner with a friend and can't get a reservation. Thought of Chantecler instead - but other suggestions most welcome. Thanks.

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  1. i went as a group of 7 back in december and they had a family style prix fixe. i forget the specifics, but basically we got to choose something like 2/3 small plates, 2 "mains", and 2 desserts. Each of the selections above came to the table in 2 or 3 plates to be shared by all.

    From what I remember, it was priced under $50 each and we were stuffed by the end. The server emphasized that we would be taken care of and that we would definitely have enough. We had a great time and everyone enjoyed the food!

    When we left, I asked if they were going to do something similar regularly and they said they were going to do something "more official" in the new year. If anyone can shed some light on the current tasting menu, I'd like to know as well! I'm heading back in February! When I made reservations, they told me they weren't sure if the tasting menu would be ready.

    1. I don't think it's started yet.

      1. Tasting menu hasn't started yet. Its lettuce sunday every day now I think.

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          Anyone know where to find an online menu? Their website doesn't have one so I am thinking that I am out of luck.

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            Its lettuce get a pile of lettuce, hunks of meat, pickles and condiments. There are side dishes you can order. Its good.

            YOu can read previous chantecler threads if you really want.

        2. We were there last night. Love the vibe. The new tasting menu starts soon, two nights a week, two tables. They are doing the lettuce wraps every night now. It was amazing; here are some pics:

          Our favourite dish was the soggy calamari. Other highlights not pictured were the Toronto cocktail (was like an advanced Old Fashioned) and the fish taco. The only thing I didn't love was the dessert, which was a sundae. But that's cool, went for the meat, not the ice cream. Can't wait for the tasting menu.