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Jan 30, 2013 05:44 AM

Harrissa in Cary or Morrisville?

Trying to make a North African soup and the recipe calls for this. No luck at a few Indian groceries, Fresh market and Whole Foods and no luck. I bet Southern Season has it, buit that is a hike and they likely charge $$$$ for what should be fairly cheap.

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  1. Southern Season definitely does carry it. They carry a few different brands (depends on the day and how stock is, I think) but the DEA brand is in a fairly small can, and isn't very expensive. I've also seen it in middle eastern store. Maybe the World Market near Southpoint? I don't know Cary or Morrisville at all, sorry.

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        Never heard of Caspian....what/where is it?

        1. re: Westy

          Caspian International Food
          2909 Brentwood Rd Raleigh, NC 27604
          (919) 954-0029

          They're right at the intersection of Brentwood and Capital, tucked in a small strip center behind the gas station. They have a great assortment of Persian, Arabic, Israeli, and Russian foods, with some random Eastern European and Mexican items thrown in for good measure. It's one of those places where you just never know what you might find but it will most likely be interesting.

          I use it primarily for Israeli products and the Russian by-the-pound chocolates they keep in the refrigerator.

      2. I've found small jars of it at Williams-Sonoma.

        1. I was looking for Harissa recently too. No luck at Whole Foods in Durham. Found it at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill.

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            In Chapel Hill you can also check out Mediterranean Deli. They have a small area in the back where they sell Middle Eastern items. That's where I get my pomegranate molasses.

          2. Mariakakis will have it. Just as far as SS, but probably cheaper.