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Jan 30, 2013 05:33 AM

Onion Buns Steeles & Bathurst & Area or elsewhere!

Many bakeries in the area closed and recent purchase at Kiva's not great in that while tasty, they were long and thick, too thick & too chewy. Seems they used the same dough as in the Egg Bread. I am looking for the thinner, usually circular with the bun baked nicely crispy!

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  1. Grdzinski's on Centre has delicious onion rolls. They are not round, but long. The onions are on the inside.

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      Onion BUNS and onion ROLLS. They're two slightly different bread products on offer from most of the Jewish bakeries on or near Bathurst St. from Lawrence Ave. to Steeles Ave. and northwards. Onion ROLLS are oblong-shaped, with the onions baked on the inside of the roll (which is what farmgirl1836 is talking about). But the OP seems to be seeking onion BUNS, which are round, with the onions baked on top of the bun. (Confusing, eh what? I was baffled myself before I sorted it all out.) I prefer onion ROLLS, and get mine at Bagel Plus, at Bathurst and Sheppard, but they also make a tasty onion BUN, which I also pick up every now and then. Whichever bakery you go to, you should specify which one you want, or you'll get whatever the help has at hand. Best in the early morning, when they're right out of the oven. Both rolls and buns are 85 cents apiece at Bagel Plus, which is about the usual price at most bakeries in the neighbourhood.

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        Thanks everyone and farmgirl, thank you for your explanation! I have been enjoying both styles since Kensington Market Days, without a thought,,,, you have sorted my mind!!!!! Will check all!!!

    2. Try Bagel Plus at Bathurst and Sheppard (in the north-west plaza)

      1. I like the onion rolls (chunks of moist onion inside) at Bagel Plus the best, especially if they're still warm. I also prefer when the top is golden rather than brown.

        1. Perhaps the Finchurst Bakery at Bathurst and Finch. It has been decades since I've been there but it was a family bakery and may still exist. I still have fond memories of their challah bread and their kaisers (crisp shell and soft interior).

          1. There's Bagel World on Disera Drive, What a Bagel on Bathurst just north of Steeles, and Centre Street Deli might sell them as well.