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Jan 30, 2013 04:13 AM

Alternative to chicken feet for gelatin in bone broth ?


I've been sufficiently disgusted with the idea of using chicken feet in my bone broth as a source of extra gelatin (per my question:


Basically, I'm not willing to clip toe nails and scrub so I don't get bird crap in my broth.

So, what's a good alternative?

Are cow feet any cleaner? Do they need scrubbed?

(I don't want to use pork products).

Any other ingredient which might be cleaner and less disgusting?


PS: I'm using a pressure cooker if that matters.

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  1. Heh. :-) Well, the wings are pretty gelatinous, though not as much as the feet.

    1. I usually put chicken feet in my chicken soup with nails--no problems.

      I also use cow/calf feet to make a Eastern European Jewish food called petcha. The feet are clean with sometimes a few hairs.

      Both feet are frozen before being sold in market

      1. Simmer beef bones with marrow, lots of knuckles, and tendons. Asian markets usually sell them in big bags around my neighborhood or behind the case.

        1. I add a tbs or so of ACV to my chicken stock made with leftovers carcasses. It helps leach the gelatin out if the bones to make a thick gelatinous stock.

          1. Backs give off a lot of gelatin. That's usually what I use in broths and stocks.

            Also, have you checked out the feet at Asian groceries? The few times I've peeked at them, they've looked pretty clean.

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            1. re: Mer_Made

              The thread referenced above made the case that there's feces under the nails, and the nails should be removed and scrubbed.

              This soo totally grossed me out, I'm now looking for a source that can just easily be rinsed and tossed in the pressure cooker.