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Jan 30, 2013 04:00 AM

Beijing for the Chinese New Year of the Snake

I will be touring Beijing and celebrating the New Year from Feb 07 thru 11. Excited to be sampling the local cuisine. Any great recommendations near the city centre? Thanks!

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  1. If all else are closed during the Chinese New Year period, go to Made in China at the Grand Hyatt, where you can have quite good Peking duck, plus many other traditional Beijing food items like the spring rolls, hand-cut noodles, etc.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Thanks for the rec! I heard Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant is also a must-eat place. I hope they'll be open during the holiday. :)

      1. re: HungryHawaiian

        Get your hotel concierge to check *and* also make reservations, preferably as early as possible in the case of Da Dong. It's usually booked out a few days in advance even on normal days, but especially now during the Chinese New Year period when people want to celebrate by eating out.

        I know Quanjude has been criticised by many fellow CHs, but I quite liked the original place in Qianmen - it simply oozes history.

        I wonder if the food street in Wangfujing is open? It's worth checking out as well.

        First time in Beijing?

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          Wow! OK. Thanks for the suggestions. And yes, this will be my first time in Beijing, or mainland China in general. I've only been to Macau and Hong Kong before. I've NEVER liked Chinese food in the past, until I spent some time in Hong Kong for work. The only "Chinese" cuisine I've had before that was that of "American-ized" Chinese food, which obviously DOES NOT count. I have approx 4 full days in Beijing and I'm trying my best efforts to hit the hotspots.