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Jan 30, 2013 03:24 AM

Wine with country ham? Help! [continue on the other thread]


My dear friend of many years is currently scraping the mold off and soaking a country ham for Saturday night. It will still be salty. I'll be lucky to get my shoes on Sunday!
I should be drinking water and taking extra blood pressure meds, but any suggestions on what wines to bring?

  1. For white, maybe a Vouvray or a Kabinet Riesling...for red,
    a good quality Beaujolais...

    1. Dry champagne or rose would be my initial thought. Something that feels "refreshing" and cuts all that salty meat.

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      1. re: goldangl95

        I think those are good suggestions if off-dry isn't desired...I have found that the interplay between salt and off-dry works well and results in that "refreshment" factor you cite.

        1. re: joss2

          That would be my first choice. I recently had a variety of ham small plates at Jaleo in Vegas (including a plate of Iberico) with a 2005 medium priced Rioja. The food was pretty rich, highly spiced and salty. The rioja was perfect with everything.

          I also like a nice,chilled, off dry rose with picnic ham and cold salads too. I think the dinner style is important to me, when choosing a wine. I think of summer with the Rose.

          1. re: joss2

            In my head, a Rioja enhances instead of cuts the meaty/salty sensations. For me, when meat is that salty (like jerky) I like what I'm drinking to be a respite. Rioja is light enough that it would work but I would prefer a cool Beaujolais (a la penthouse pup) over a Rioja.

          2. Just thinking about the iberico make want to get back to Spain.
            A salt cured country ham is a different critter. It will be soaked in water changes for 3 days. Braised in cider, than baked. It will still be very salty!