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Jan 29, 2013 11:42 PM

NYC Itinerary: Michelin, Bars and more, help finalize/critique

Hey CHers,

Thanks for all the help with planning so far in the other thread. The 53 replies were super helpful.

Now that we're less than one month out, we have booked up everything except Momofuku. We still have some finalizing to do, so we would love to hear your suggestions. We're staying in the East Village for 7 nights. We are a couple of young foodies and this is our first trip to NYC and we're crazy psyched.

Here's the itinerary, please help us balance it out with breakfasts/lunches.

Saturday - Bouley late lunch (5 course Prix Fixe), 15 East late dinner

Sunday - Minetta Tavern Brunch, early dinner at Per Se

Monday - Breakfast at Shopsins, away for lunch, dinner at Babbo

Tuesday - Lunch at Yasuda, dinner at EMP

Wednesday - Lunch Jean Georges, Dinner at Momofuku Ko with Ssam
Bar as back-up. Possibly make dessert only reso at WD-50

Thursday - No breakfast/lunch chosen (Russ + Daughters, Katz's, Empellon Cocina possible), dinner at Jungsik

Friday - No breakfast/lunch chosen (Russ + Daughters, Katz's, Empellon Cocina possible), dinner at Kyo Ya

Saturday - Brunch at Public, fly out at 6 PM, so may need a quick East Village/LES snack before we leave.

Pegu Club
Pouring Ribbons
Booker and Dax
Death and Co

Late night eats in EV/LES - Luke's Lobster rolls, Tacos Morelos cart

Is there a go to late night pizza place in the EV/LES near our bar areas? Other late night eats?

I know our itinerary is super heavy on the French/New Am, so other stuff is great.

Thanks for all the advice.



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  1. Shopsins is closed Mon-Tuesday.

    Empellon Cocina doesn't serve weekday lunch. Only weekend brunch and dinner.

    How about Mission Chinese on Weds/Thurs lunch? They're now open daily. Zabb Elee? Ippudo? Pok Pok Pad Thai?

    You could also do the new Mighty Quinn's BBQ or Bobwhite for lunch, both foods you're unlikely to find in Canada.

    Motorino serves until midnight Sun-Thurs, 1am on Fri-Sat. South Brooklyn Pizza supposedly serves until 5am though I've never been there that late.

    For a quick coffee/pastry breakfast, Birdbath, Abraco, Momofuku Milk Bar. For more of a diner, Veselka.

    For a snack before the flight, maybe Crif Dogs, Xian Famous Foods, or Caracas Arepas Bar. Then grab a banh mi to go from Banh Mi Zon for the plane.

    Oh, and there's a Smorgasburg stand at Whole Foods on Bowery. It rotates every few weeks.