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Jan 29, 2013 08:46 PM

Quick - Help me pick which Sushi restaurant in Orlando to go to tomorrow night.

Hi all! I have a group of coworkers in town who'd like to go for sushi on Wednesday night. We're staying at the convention center. While proximity isn't the top factor, we probably don't want to be in the cab forever.

In looking at the boards it looks like there are a handful of top contenders. Can you help me narrow it down between these three?

Shin Sushi
Dragonfly Sushi

I also looked at Sushi Pop but I think it may be too far of a drive.


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  1. I haven't been to any of those. I have heard good things about Hanamizuki and Dragonfly.

    You might want to think about Mikado Sushi off of John Young Parkway which is not to far from you. Fresh fish and ingredients, beautiful plating.

    Or perhaps Nagoya Sushi in Dr. Philips another one I love.

    1. Sushi Pop really is worth a drive. It's far, though, especially if you're paying a cab. Otherwise I'd say Shin for the quality of the sushi, Dragonfly for the fab atmosphere. Hanamzuki is terrific but sushi is not where it's strongest. Shari Sushi in Thornton Park is another contender.

      1. Definitely Hanamizuki or Aki Restaurant which is nearby.

        1. Thanks, Hounds! We ended up at Dragonfly because of Rona's comment about the fab atmosphere. No kidding, it's a sexy restaurant! We had a great time. The rolls were good (though I'm not a big fan of super creative big rolls), but the stars were the grilled items. That grill makes everything taste fantastic, particularly when wrapped in bacon.

          As a group of 10 we had a long high table near the grill. It was a fun time, and fit the bill perfectly for a co-worker team dinner.


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            Awesome! Thanks for responding back. I've got to get to Dragonfly now.

            It's near my work and they are open for lunch.

            I thought all of the recommendations were great. And my friend also agreed about Hanamazuki not being as strong in the sushi department.

            Although I hear their shiso butter ramen is out of this world.