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Jan 29, 2013 07:58 PM

Recent recommendations in Ogden, UT?

I've recently moved from San Diego, CA, to Ogden, and I'm looking for some 'hound-worthy eats. Granted, there are slim pickins here in Ogden. That said, any restaurants worth checking out? We've enjoyed Tona sushi on 25th very much. We've eaten at Slackwater and Roosters, and they were passable. We've also had Mexican food at Patricia's Restaurant, which was highly rated on Yelp. Patricia's was a terrible disappointment, and I don't think it was only because SD set a high bar! That food was just bad.

I've read the recommendations from the last few years, and I was just wondering if there are any new ones the locals can suggest. Thanks!

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  1. Zucca Trattoria gets some great plaudits, but I should counsel that I've never eaten there personally. Last summer I had dinner with a Italian gent, well versed in the Utah dining scene, and he confessed its the only Italian restaurant he *really* likes.

    Chef and owner Elio Scanu also recently took on the executive chef moniker at downtown SLC's Vivace, so I am not sure how much time he spends at Zucca these days.


    1. I love the Two Bit Cafe on 25th street. Welcome to Utah!