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Jan 29, 2013 07:42 PM

Chelsea / Meatpacking...

I will be in that area and looking for lunch and dinner spots. Lunch, I am open to all options. As far as dinner, I'm kind of between Scarpetta and Colicchio and Sons (Dining Room). Where would YOU go? Thanks.

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  1. What day of the week? And what's your budget?

    Some ideas here:

    1. It will most likely be a Thursday and for lunch I would like to keep it under $30 per person and dinner I would go up to but not exceeding $150 per person.

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        If it were me, I'd walk down to the West Village and have lunch at the Spotted Pig (much less crowded on weekdays for lunch). For dinner, depends on where you're coming from -- Scarpetta is now in a few other cities.

      2. As for C&S - I actually prefer the front Tap Room to the Dining Room. Just my personal taste. It's been awhile since I've been in the main dining room, though.

        There's a LOT of good stuff in that area worth exploring, though - right on the same block are Morimoto and Del Posto (DP is a GREAT lunch option if you're willing to splurge a little bit - $39 for three courses (more like five or six with the amuses, post-desserts, etc) and only ten bucks to add a course to get the "full Italian" (antipasti, pasta, secondi, dessert) experience, if the prices are the same as last time I went. Morimoto is fun, and you can put together a pretty great meal for $150 - I prefer to go a la carte than the omakase, but then I know what's good / what I like from the menu already.

        Check out Recette as well - fantastic, creative, bold "small plates" - you can make yourself a fun little tasting menu of sorts. Cute spot with a wildly talented chef.

        1. Standard Grill could be good for lunch.
          I wasn't impressed with Colicchio and Sons. Scarpetta is always good.
          What exactly are you looking for? L'Artusi a little more south has great Italian IMO. Morimoto and DP both great options as well!

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            I second the Standard for lunch, or Pastis.
            I think Kathryn's Spotted Pig suggestion is good. And I think anything west of hudson st and north of 10th st. is close enough to meat packing, not to worry that it is actually the west village. Years ago the meat market was considered the west village. Little west 12th street for instance. Recette would be a good dinner choice too ,with that in mind. Wallse for Austrian, Buddakan, Morimoto, Paradou are also decent choices. not The Old Homestead , i hate that place.