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Dessert Destination in Westchester / Fairfield County

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Looking for a great dessert place to head to after a movie in Port Chester.
Can be Lower Westchester or Fairfield County.

I know in NYC this would be such an easy search. But in Westchester... I can't seem to find any places that are open at 10:30pm on a Saturday nite and have worthwhile desserts.

I've already checked Tarry Lodge & Willet House.

Hoping to get some other suggestions where a few couples can go to have dessert & coffee. Thanks!!!

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  1. Most independently run dessert places close very early - way before 10:30. Forgive my chain suggestions, but the Yard House in Yonkers (Ridge Hill) is open late and has decent desserts. Also, if you're willing to go to White Plains, maybe chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot? Definitely fun with a group.

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      We love the Yard House. My husband & son are vegetarians and really enjoy their big selection of fake "meat" entrees. They're so easy to please!! : )

      My kids also love Melting Pot.

      Good choices. Thanks!!!

    2. That's a tough one. La Creperie Cafe in PC is good, but it looks like they close too early. Maybe you could encourage them to do an after-the-show special. Also, don't know what the hours of Paleteria Fernandez on Main Street are. Bar Taco has great churros, so that might be an option, and they are open late. Also, some say the food at Cafe Mirage has gone down hill, but I do know they have fantastic bread pudding. You can get Toll House Pie at the (dated) Cobble Stone in Purchase - they serve until midnight. Good luck.

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        We love Bartaco. I didn't even realize that they might have desserts. Will check it out.

        Thanks so much!!!

      2. If the dylan lounge at x2o is open that late I'm sure you could go for dessert and after dinner drinks. Their desserts are fancy and tasty.

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          X20 is a great idea! Their food is terrific. I will look into how late they are open.

          Thanks so much!!

        2. What about the J- House hotel or L'Escale in Greenwich?

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            MRS - I'm not familiar with either of those suggestions.
            I will look into them. Thanks so much!!!

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              Yup J-House hotel has a place called the Chocolate Lab that could definitely work for dessert. I've looked inside but haven't eaten so I can't vouch for the food but the atmosphere is cute. Chocolpologie in Stamford is a great suggestion above.

            2. I cannot vouch for any of these (hopefully other chowhounders will weigh in), but what about one of the wine bars in Larchmont or Mamaroneck? They're usually open a little later than the restaurants in the area.

              http://crushwinebars.com/Crush%20Menu... (has a Groupon right now

              Or in New Rochelle: http://www.thegnarlyvine.com/menu.html?

              I just re-read your original request, and see that you were interested in coffee with your dessert rather than drinks...so these may not exactly work (maybe they also have coffee?), but I thought I would through them out there anyway.

              1. Although this isn't near Port Chester, I wanted to add something for anyone looking at this thread who is looking for great desserts elsewhere in Westchester.

                Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville is open until 10 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. They have wonderful desserts and coffee.

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                  That was the only non-chain late-night dessert place that came to my mind originally - definitely worth the few miles up the Saw Mill/Sprain to Pleasantville. Good call!

                2. Definitely check out Cafe Mozart in Mamaroneck. Great desserts and coffee, and often have live music late night as well!

                  1. I know many people aren't thrilled with their food, but there's always Cheesecake Factory in White Plains. It's right off 287 so it's very convenient from Port Chester. And their desserts are very good.

                    I'm surprised that Tarry Lodge isn't open that late on a Saturday. That would be a great choice.

                    1. Via Vanti in Mt Kisco has some damn good sweets. (Dolci). Excellent pastries, gelato, and very good coffee. Nice environment for dessert, as well. I believe they stay open late Fri and Sat.

                      Also Cafe Mozart in Mamaroneck, open very late.

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                        Mt Kisco is nowhere near where they want to be.Cafe Mozart is probably the best choice (other than my suggestion of Cheesecake Factory), or the places in Greenwich or Stamford. I love X2O (also previously suggested) but it's also completely out of the way.

                      2. Meli-Melo for crepes, far and away the best ice cream I've had in the area and French pastries almost at the bottom of Greenwich Ave.

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                          I forgot the OP mentioned Fairfield county... TOPS in Greenwich, or anywhere in the area is Versailles, with some of the most awesome desserts and pastries this side of France.

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                            I love Meli-Melo but are they open late on Saturday nights?

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                              Both of the places in Greenwich close at 10pm on Saturday, according to their websites. It seems like you need to find someplace near a movie theater to get a place that stays open late.