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Jan 29, 2013 06:42 PM

Mid-Priced Dinners in Napa

We're treating our sons and girlfriends to a few days in Napa in March and dread dinners approaching $1000 (there will be 7 of us). We'd love to go to Meadowood, Redd, or Bottega, but fear that $1000 tab. What might some locals recommend for casual eating for people who would love high end dining? We've been to Bistro Don Giovanni and that was perfect for this need. What else might be in this price range? We're open to just about any cuisine, but one son will definitely be asking about food sources, as he prefers food straight from an organic farm. Are we on the right track by thinking about Grace's Table, The Carneros Inn, Zuzu's or Redd Wood?

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    1. Redd Wood is pizza. Good pizza, granted, but pizza.

      I'm a huge fan of Grace's Table (especially their 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Happy Hour menu that is half-price and very filling). Also love, love, love Zuzu.

      The Carneros Inn has a few restaurants; FARM is on the high-end while Boon Fly is better for breakfast for brunch.

      In the same range as Bistro Don Giovanni would also be Goose & Gander (sightly higher than the latter) and Angele.

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        On CarrieWas suggestion, I went to Grace's Table on my last trip to Napa. Definitely a great idea in the more moderate price range. Really enjoyed it.

        Given their pre-fixe format, depending on your wine spending, Ad Hoc would probably also keep you under your limit.

      2. How about Ca'Momi or one of the other restaurants in the Oxbow Market? Oxbow is a fun place to look around and the restaurants inside are fun and not overly expensive.