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Jan 29, 2013 05:28 PM

Sea Bass in Curry?

I was planning to make a vegetarian version of one of Jamie Oliver's curry recipes. It has cilantro, coconut milk,ginger and patak's curry paste (i'm using the hot one).
But...I found wild sea bass tips at the local market. Inexpensive and fresh so I thought I'd try it.
Would the fish work in the curry? Or should I just save it for something else?
Thanks! :)

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  1. Sure, fish curry is wonderful. I'd go lighter on the curry paste so as not to cover he delicate flavor of the fish.

    1. I am not a big fan of curry, but I'll eat it with certain things. I'm not sure fish is one of them...but if you do choose to go for it, I agree with the previous review. I'd lay off the heavy, spicy paste and make it lighter, or you will lose the flavor of the fish all together.

      1. Mild whitefish like sea bass is fine in curry. Broadly speaking, these curries tend to have a souring agent like lime or tamarind, which contrasts against the heaviness of the spicing and coconut milk versus the light fish. Without knowing the specifics of Jamie Oliver's recipe, I'd say tweaking it to be a little lighter and a little more sour (unless it calls for the vindaloo paste, which is already sour), you should be able to make his curry work.