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Jan 29, 2013 05:02 PM

Visiting from Toronto- will be most appreciative of any input provided

My husband and I will be in Vegas (Thursday) May 23- May 26(leaving early) for a total of 3 lunches and 3 dinners. I typically enjoy creative food and I do love asian flavours.
For Lunch the list I have so far is Milos and lotus of siam...any other reccomendation is most welcome.

For dinner I am confused between
-le cirque or sage,
-julian serrano or jaleo
and any other recommendation is more than welcome (unfortunately I can not afford e though it sounds like my culinary dream)
I also want to have snacks and drinks at Manadarin Bar (unless you advise against it)!!
Thank you so much!!!!

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  1. I'm returning to LV in two months, and have dinner reservations for both Le Cirque and Sage. Le Cirque is more formal with delicious French cuisine. Sage is excellent American cuisine in a less formal atmosphere. Sage is less expensive.

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    1. re: ellenost

      Thank you! I was wondering if you have been to Picasso and how does the food compare to the other two.

      1. re: akhorasanee

        I dined at Picasso about 11 years ago, and was not very impressed with it. My favorite restaurant at the Bellagio is Le Cirque (actually Le Cirque has become my favorite restaurant in LV). I've dined 4 times at Le Cirque, and have always loved it. I dined last year at Sage, and loved it, and told their maitre d' that it was better than my dinner at Joel Robuchon from the prior evening (and about 1/2 the cost too).

        1. re: ellenost

          Ellen, having followed and respected your NY and Vegas posts for the past few years, I have to disagree with you about Picasso. While I agree Le Cirque is very good, I would suggest you give Picasso another try. We had the five course tasting menu this past weekend. The lobster salad was a nice compositionnice and tasty, the turbot was good although the weakest course for me, but the real stars of the meal were the most perfectly cooked scallop and the duck foie gras course. Truly scrumptious. The dessert choices were interesting enough and well executed. In my opinion, The ambiance of the restaurant was as nice as Le Cirque although more conservatively decorated and the service was excellent. A solo diner seated near us was frequently engaged in conversation by various waitstaff making him feel comfortable. The breads, mignardaises, and muffin goody bags were also nice touches. The prices were very reasonable as were the wine pairings. The only negative for me was the limited choice menu. However, if you like what the're serving, they do it well.

          To respond to the OP, you won't go wrong with Sage, Le Cirque, or Picasso. Each has it's own personality. The dining deal at Sage is good value, although I found the service and ambiance a bit less formal (yet friendly) than at either Le Cirque or Picasso. The food is great at all 3, so my advice is to look at each menu and pick the one whose choices appeal to you the most.

          1. re: zook

            Thank you for the compliment! When I dined at Picasso 11 years ago, I was a solo diner and was seated in an alcove not in the main dining room. I am certain that my unhappiness at what I perceived to be a slight colored my memory of the dinner. However, on this same trip I also dined at Le Cirque, and was seated at a prime table. Food and service were excellent too. I am glad that you had an excellent dinner at Picasso, and maybe on a future visit I will try Picasso again. I love foie gras, and hearing that Picasso has one so delicious may bring me back. Thanks for letting me know.

    2. My personal prefs would be le cirque, then Picasso, then Sage
      But I'd be happy with any of those three.

      Also I'd pick Jaleo over Julian Serrano.

      1. Brunch at Bouchon is a can't miss. On our last trip we had lunch at China Poblano and really enjoyed it (going this time for dinner). The secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan is great for a late night snack. My favourite meal that I've had in Vegas was at Bartolotta - that being said, we've been to Craftsteak three times. I actually didn't LOVE Jaleo or Julian Serrano - they were both pretty good, had some hits and misses. The atmosphere at Jaleo was better.

        1. Cruise on up to the Arts Factory, and grab a bite, or a drink at Bar+Bistro. They are just North of the Stratosphere, Charleston, and Main area.

          1. Thank you for all your help! I was also thinking of china poblano. have any of you eaten there???

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              Jaleo over Julian Serrano

              Scarpetta over Milos

              Lunch at China Poblano is fine -- I wouldn't do dinner there; just doesn't seem like a dinner place.

              Double-check Lotus of Siam; I always think of this more for dinner, rather than lunch . . .

              é is definitely wonderful, but it may be easier to get into L'Atellier.

              Haven't done Picasso, Sage, or Le Cirque -- something else always comes up.

              Wasn't impressed with Bartolotta; indeed, it was rather disappointing. Perhaps expectations were too high.

              1. re: akhorasanee

                We ate lunch at China Poblano on our last trip and very much enjoyed it - just split a few orders of tacos and some chips and salsa. I'm also from Toronto so as you know, the Mexican options here are pretty limited, and I thought China Poblano was very good. We're going again next week and plan to have dinner there to let us sample a little more of the menu (usually we tend to eat small breakfasts/lunches to save room for dinner).

                1. re: baderin

                  Thanks!!! if you don't mind do let me know of any special eateries that you experience (which are different from Toronto)...and have a wonderful trip!!!