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Fresh Poultry

Anybody knows a place in or near Mercer County where I could buy a live chicken and have it killed and cleaned right there on the spot?

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  1. If you don't my asking, do you mind if I ask why?

    1. No, don't mind at all. We just love the taste of really, really fresh poultry and what could be freshest than something that has been processed the same day!

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        Since your asking the question "What could be freshest" I would assume you have never experienced poultry this fresh before?

        If that is correct what is the closest you have come that gave you your love of the taste of really really fresh poultry? What other method?

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          Thanks. I was envisioning satanic cults and alll that..lol

        2. The freshest chickens generally available would probably be from Griggstown Quail Farm: http://www.griggstownquailfarm.com/ , but I don't know if they'll process them on the spot. I guess you could try calling them.

          1. Kosher poultry markets used to supply exactly what you ask for .
            Try a search for them .

            1. I can't help you in Mercer or the environs.....but I believe Passaic County still has a live poultry shop...

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                Funny enough.. a coworker told me about a hispanic grocery store in Patterson which has live chickens and process them on the spot for you.. no where near mercer though..

                I can get the name if you wanna go that far

              2. I know I've heard that the orthodox Jewish population in Monmouth and Ocean counties have them...just not sure of a specific rec for where--but that's a closer starting point than Passaic!

                1. For Northerners, Goffle Farm on Goffle Rd. in Hawthorne/Ridgewood has good farm fresh chickens!

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                    I'm crazy about Goffle's poultry. I'm spoiled now and can't bring myself to eat whole chickens from the supermarket any more.

                    And I've never had the rigor mortis issue - never even heard of it 'til now. Their chickens are so juicy and tasty and wonderful. And you can get the smaller size ones if you like - i.e. 3 - 4 lbs that chefs prize.

                  2. I cooked a (formerly) live chicken in the oven last week. Don't think I overcooked it, but it was tough! I used an instant thermometer and cooked to the degrees stated. Did I make a mistake or what?

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                      Older chickens can be tough- usually best used for stewing .

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                        Did I make a mistake or what?....

                        Fresh kill chickens can be cooked right away, however if they sit a few hours, the Rigormotis will set in eventually. When this happens you need to allow the natural process of enzymes within the meat to work and allow the rigor to dissipate. some say this can happen over night...some say it will take 2-3 days.

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                          interesting information and I thank you both. I did wait a day before I cooked the bird. It had less breast meat on it than typical store bought. After some research (undertaken after purchase of course) I may have chosen the wrong breed or a bird too old or, as you suggest, I may have cooked it at the wrong time. Should have researched before purchasing as I did not know there were so many variables . . . . guess I thought it was just like going into a supermarket.

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                            Lets not overlook the fact your bird was probably not pumped up on all the steroids and hormones the store bought ones are to produce those large juicy breasts!

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                            I agree, Dr. fourunder.

                            The last time we were in San Francisco, I found a whole chicken at a Farmer's Market - beak, feet, and all. The food dork in me couldn't wait to get in back to the apartment (though I had to walk around with it in my bag and ride the bus "home" for a while). I was surprised by how non-pliable it was when I began my prep. Needless to say, it was less than what I had hoped for. We ate the extremities and I made soup the following day - a kinda chicken pho, actually.

                            I hadn't really thought about the rigor factor. Which, in retrospect, was pretty dumb of me having spent a lifetime fishing and eating my catch.

                        2. can you really tell the difference between a fresh and frozen chicken?

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                            that's funny. I buy my fresh chicken frozen all the time from small purveyors at my farmers' market.

                            Yes, I can tell the difference btwn supermarket chicken and fresh chicken.