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Picky Eater...Near Massey Hall

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Going to see a show there and a couple friends are fussy.
Need suggestion for a resto. I vouched for Paramount but that's not simple enough.

Wasn't happy with HardRock last time.

Any other pub type food places?


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  1. Irish Embassy up the street.

    1. Queen and Beaver?

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        Forgot about this place !

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          Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will pass them along.

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            Don't know why! But I was thinking Sony Centre and not Massey Hall! Sorry about that.

        2. biermarkt, fionn maccools

          1. 3 brewers?

            1. Both Gabardine & Richmond Station are nearby, and both have very good food. Gabardine has lots of "comfort food" that should satisfy your friends.

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              2. simple? pickle barrel.

                1. Joey in the Eaton Centre
                  The Senator
                  The Blake House
                  If relatively plain Italian would work, Terroni and Mercatto