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Jan 29, 2013 04:00 PM

post 10k party

i am hosting a casual party in my apartment to celebrate the finish of one of most popular 10k runs in my area. the guest list will be around 30, which includes a mix of runners and spectators (like myself). i want to be able to watch the run but be ready to serve up drinks & food as soon as people arrive afterwards. what can i prepare ahead of time that will be filling, as well as appetizing? i'd still like to show off some of my cooking skills even if that means preparing it early. no crudites and sandwich trays here.

was thinking mini sliders (pulled pork, italian, meatball, or ham & cheese), pasta or potato salad, some sort of dip, and a few sides....but there really is no theme or story. any advice is appreciated.

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  1. It's a 10K so people aren't overly worn out. Also, with 30 people, I would guess that you're looking at finger food.

    Fancy meatballs, filled pasta and relish trays.
    Also, adult drinks - sangria?

    1. Something hot and meat based, like cornish pasties, tourtiere. Or do a beef stew with beer/guinness.

      I'm always chilled after a race so love something hot but something cold to drink.

        1. If it's a range of people and you're not sure of dietary preferences, it might be nice to have some white meat and vegetarian sliders. You could just do deli turkey and cheese so not to add to the workload overmuch, or roast turkey and cranberry sliders (ooh, maybe on bread toasted with butter and stuffing seasonings!) sound appealing to me. Or alternatively you could make one of the sides a filling veggie dish, like mac and cheese, maybe just using the warm setting of a slow cooker to hold it during the race.

          You didn't ask for drinks suggestions, but I think a post race party cries out for a water bar! Flat, sparkling, mineral, with a variety of cut up garnishes. Perhaps spa water with cucumbers and some herb-infused ones. A lot of that will go with booze, too, if you're doing cocktails.