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Jan 29, 2013 02:58 PM

the Buford Hwy Foreign Food Shopping Zone and Buford Hwy Farmers Mkt

was intrigued by it on a Anthony Bourdain Layover show. what are your favorite stops on the highway and is the Farmers Mkt, seemingly a foreign market, as cool as they made it seem??

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  1. Briefly, since you're asking, yes!

    There are two farmers markets: one is inside the perimeter, near Clairemont, while the other is just outside the perimeter about a block or two. The one inside is usually quite crowded. The one outside is much less crowded, and I think, a better market. Both markets are divided up into Asian and Latino sections. If you're looking for fresh fish, the one outside is amazing.

    El Rey Del Taco is a pretty good Mexican Restaurant. There are many Asian markets and restaurants, but I'm not that familiar with them. I see Gu, a restaurant, mentioned often as pretty good.

    I've been to Chateau Saigon, which is pretty good. I usually look for places with lots of "ethnic" people and few "Americans", but I don't know your inclination.

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      The former Hong Kong Market, then Atlanta Farmer's Market, and not sure if it's still called that now, has changed hands several times. It's the one near Clairmont. I think it has gone downhill over the years as the Asian customers went more to Super H and the Buford Hwy Farmer's Markets (presumably).

      The Buford Hwy Farmer's Mkt (just outside 285) has really gone upscale in the meantime. They also added Caribbean and Eastern European goods to the spread. It also can be busy, but nothing like DeKalb Farmer's Mkt on a weekend.

      I like El Rey Del Taco, and Gu's is right there (strip behind Chick fil A). There's also Chef Liu's, Penang, or any of a number of Pho shops nearby.

    2. Having grown up on Skyland off Dresden, I watched them
      clear the land and build Buford-Clairmont Mall. Used to
      go out at night as a kid, when it was still safe to do so, and
      climb onto the construction as it was going up. We would
      get on top of the Woolco (where I worked at 16) and watch
      the planes take off from PDK and sail over our heads.

      Anyway, the Atlanta Farmers Market in what is now of
      course Fiesta Mall, was originally a Winn-Dixie. But in
      response to the original post, it is a pale comparison
      to BHFM. I go in there only on occasion to grab some
      peppers and stuff, but I go to Buford Highway at lease
      twice a week to stock up on other items. I'll usually
      cut over to Super H for meats and I'm good to go.

      And yes, I think BHFM is as cool as they implied.
      Also loved the part where he says Fat Matts is not
      BBQ. Probably the most over hyped joint in Atlanta.
      One of my ex girl friends called it Fat Matts Fat-o-rama.