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Jan 29, 2013 02:58 PM

Kiwi knives?

Anyone know where I can find Kiwi knives in the Dallas area? I'm thinking Super H Mart in Carrolton might have them, but I'm near lower Greenville and would appreciate a more local spot. I know there's a Thai supply shop on Sears & Greenville, but I can't remember if they carry tools/accessories. Looking specifically for Kiwis as an inexpensive upgrade from my college Ikea set. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hong Kong Market on Walnut St., and Audelia Rd. They have all sizes of the Kiwi knives there.

    1. Awesome -- I'll head over there today. Thanks!

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        These knives are very sharp new but most come with slightly burred edge. Refine their cutting edge to razor sharp using a diamond sharpener at 10 to 15 deg. angle and you're ready to shave hair off your arm.

        1. re: MPD1954

          Picked up a trio this past weekend. Right out of the plastic, these guys are sharp indeed. You were right, there are a few burred sections on the larger knives, but they feel pretty great otherwise. Diced an onion in record time, I'm happy to report. :) Treated the handles with mineral oil, too -- all I need now is a sharpener, sharpening practice and acclimation to these super-thin blades.