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Cocktails with sushi?--no sake, please

I'm making sushi this weekend for a couple friends. I'd like to offer a nice cocktail, but I don't love sake. Any ideas? I'll have beer available, but since it's a birthday celebration, I'd like something a little special, too.

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  1. I like a straight vodka martini with sushi. Very, very cold.

    I think a moscow mule might be a nice compliment to sushi, as well. Lime, vodka, ginger beer over ice.

    1. I agree with @pagesinthesun - Vodka is the way to go. Typically, I'll go with just a martini.

      1. Scotch, or even better, Japanese Whiskey. It's a bit counterintuitive, but fresh sea flavor of sushi goes well with malt whiskey. A (gin) Martini would work well too -- perhaps a twist rather than an olive.

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        1. I don't know if you were looking for a more traditional cocktail or something different. I love the lychee drinks they serve in my neck of the woods--for starters, the drunken concubine: lychee with citrus vodka. But the sky's the limit if you like lychee. Lots of tasty ways to tipsy up!

          1. How about wine? As a pairing with the sushi, it's going to taste better than almost any cocktail...

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                Spatlese Rieslings pair very well with either sashimi or sushi...

            1. Souchu or Awaramari (Okinawian Souchu) would be a good choice

              I have had good luck ordering from http://www.sakayanyc.com/

              Mix the Souchu with Water or put on ice, it is stiff but clean and great tasting

              FYI shipping 1 bottle or 12 bottes is the same becaues of the case they ship in

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                Sakaya is a great source for Shochu as is Astor in NYC.

                Here is a link to a site that does a good job explaining the range of shochus and how they taste: http://kampai.us/shochu

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                  I agree about shochu, although I personally find awamori, like rice based shoshu, a bit boring. I prefer the sweet potato ones the most. But also ones made from dates, carrots, barley, brown sugar, or other more highly flavored shochu.

                  Curious what you mean by "stiff"? I tend to think of that term as equal to strong. But shochu is the exact opposite since it is usually bottled at 50 proof, then watered down 1:1 and so served pretty weak.

                2. Most cocktails overwhelm sushi. Traditionally beer is drunk with sushi. Sake isn't drunk as much with sushi, although it is with sashimi. Shochu can be excellent with sushi, especially sweet potato versions. Shochu is usually just drunk on ice well watered down. (Or with hot water sometimes in winter.)

                  1. Thanks, Everyone! Now for the taste tests!

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                      I am crazy for saka-tini: 4 parts clean vodka. 1 part dry sake. Shake like crazy over ice. Strain into ice cold glass. Garnish with cold, crisp English cucumber slice and lemon twist. (Not wedge... Thank u Jacksonville, Florida for making that clarification necessary).