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Jan 29, 2013 02:33 PM

Blue Ox, I Pazzi or 9 Elm - Help me decide please.....

Heading out to dinner with some friends have the options narrowed down to these three restaurants on the North Shore. Has anyone been to any/all of these and which do you prefer and why? Thank for the help.

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  1. We have been to all three. Blue Ox is definitely a favorite--consistently wonderful, creative food. 9 Elm is also a favorite, but a different, quieter, experience than Blue Ox. The one meal we had at I Pazzi was very poor, so we haven't returned. We hear from reliable folks who've had good experiences there, however.

    1. We also have been to all three. I Pazzi was decent, but I haven't been there in some time so I can't comment about how it is now.

      9 Elm is small and the tables are close together. I have always have a good meal there. The menu is somewhat limited for choices. Ask for a table against the wall. You usually need reservations if you are going on a weekend.

      Blue Ox is great. We have been there several times. We went there NYE (they offered their regular menu) and it was busy, but we had no complaints with the service or food. We prefer to sit against a wall there also since it is also close quarters. Reservations are usually needed there too.

      I imagine it depends on what you are looking for food wise, atmosphere wise and price wise.

      Enjoy and let us know where you decide if you get a chance.

      1. I've only been to Blue Ox and wasn't all that impressed. I'd choose 62 in Salem or 5 Corners in Marblehead.