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your favorite brand of Greek Style Yogurt

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there are so many brands now. I like Dannon's Oikos.

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    1. re: cath

      Fage was number one in my book but Oikos has my vote now

    2. No Fage for me in Western Canada. I lean towards Liberte's 0% Greek Yogurt, which only contains skim milk and bacterial cultures. I tend to top it with some honey.

      1. I'm partial towards Chobani. I'll try Fage, though.

        1. Chobani. It's the only kind I like.

          1. Fage 2% is best but 0% is acceptable. I eat yogurt plain so there is no added sugar/flavor to cover up the actual taste. Chobani has a bitter taste to me...any other plain yogurt eaters find this or is it just me? Many other brands have thickening agents that just don't belong in yogurt, so that criterion narrows the field.

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              I eat plain yogurt, but I do indulge in flavored sometimes. I prefer fage.

            2. I keep trying other brands and come back to my first love, Fage 2%. The plain just doesn't compare vs the other widely available options in the supermarket, taste and texture.

              1. Greek Gods Strawberry Honey is the only kind I buy..not at all stores,,but most..they just came out with orange Honey, but I do not care for the flavor I add pomagranets delious!

                1. I like Fage, but I often but cheaper ones. :) The ShopRite brand Geek Yogurt is actually pretty good better than Chobani in my opinion.

                  1. Fage always ~~ 0% or 2%

                    1. Best one I ever had was Olympus, but it's rarely on shelves. Fage Total is a runner up.

                      FYI, because I had a coupon, I tried the "Light and Fit" version of Greek yogurt. Let's see, that was a good six months ago and I think I can still taste that nasty, chemical sludge. Blech!

                      In a pinch, Chobani passion fruit 2% is very good.

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                      1. re: Violatp

                        <I tried the "Light and Fit" version of Greek yogurt>

                        Which brand of Light and Fit?

                          1. re: Violatp

                            Greek Yogurt is known for many things, including the very thick texture and the double amount of protein per volume. This is largely due to the straining process to remove water.

                            Dannon's Light and Fit is not a real Greek yogurt in my opinion. It is not strained as far as I know, and it uses cornstarch to thicken the texture.

                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                              Agreed. I wouldn't take it for free now.

                              1. re: Violatp

                                Brought this home accidentally. Threw it in the trash. Chemical nastiness. I like oikos.

                                    1. re: sunangelmb

                                      hahahaha - Yeah, that would be cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously. I threw mine out, too, and it's very unusual for me to throw stuff out that isn't past its expiration date.

                      2. Fage full fat or 2%.

                        1. Fage full fat or 2% for me as well. I've tried other brands but I like Fage the best.

                          Disclaimer, I only use it for cooking, I don't eat it by itself.

                          1. I am partial to Greek Gods brand and also Liberte brand. but both are pretty high calorie wise, but oh so delicious.

                            1. I like Noosa lately. I like Fage 2% or full fat usually.

                              1. I like Fage 2%. I didn't care at all for their 0% version. I wasn't excited about Chobani the first time I tried it, but I might try it again as it's usually less expensive than Fage.

                                1. I've been eating Fage 0% for the past two days. It's quite yummy.

                                  1. FAGE all the way. The original and still the best.

                                    1. accidentally picked up the Lucerne (safeway house brand) and thought it was awful. i think its thickened rather than strained. will never buy it again.

                                      usually only chobani available here, i like it.

                                      1. The brand I have easiest access to in plain form is Zoi, which I believe is made in the Pacific NW (I'm currently in Oregon). I think it's very good. I will sometimes pick up the small individual portions in the different flavors, but usually stock one of the larger cartons of plain full fat. It's not excessively tangy and the richness seems to mellow it out a bit. I can even eat it alone, which I haven't been able to do with most other plain Greek yogurts. I don't believe Zoi has any weird stabilizers or thickeners in it, from what I remember. I also have easy access to Nancy's lowfat plain and nonfat plain (not organic) but am not a huge fan so I rarely buy them.

                                        I haven't had Fage in a long time... I should try Total and 2% again. I don't remember loving them, but that was when I wasn't into plain yogurt. Perhaps I'll try Oikos soon too...

                                        1. Usually I get the house yogurt at Mediterranean Foods or Titan Foods here in Astoria, but I also like Fage. Full fat of course.