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your favorite brand of Greek Style Yogurt

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there are so many brands now. I like Dannon's Oikos.

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    1. re: cath

      Fage was number one in my book but Oikos has my vote now

    2. No Fage for me in Western Canada. I lean towards Liberte's 0% Greek Yogurt, which only contains skim milk and bacterial cultures. I tend to top it with some honey.

      1. I'm partial towards Chobani. I'll try Fage, though.

        1. Chobani. It's the only kind I like.

          1. Fage 2% is best but 0% is acceptable. I eat yogurt plain so there is no added sugar/flavor to cover up the actual taste. Chobani has a bitter taste to me...any other plain yogurt eaters find this or is it just me? Many other brands have thickening agents that just don't belong in yogurt, so that criterion narrows the field.

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              I eat plain yogurt, but I do indulge in flavored sometimes. I prefer fage.