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Jan 29, 2013 01:40 PM

Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]

Looking for recommendations for a sit down lunch after visiting the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, Bouquets to Art in mid march. Prefer to use public transportation, so walking distance ( with the possibility of rain). Although the De Young has a good dine in option, during the flower show it is extremely crowded and noisy. Lunch with really great English Afternoon tea would be the ultimate, but will settle with great lunch.

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  1. The only afternoon tea I know of that's remotely near is Tal y Tara ( ), which is a longish walk (but a short cab ride if you pick one up outside the park).

    1. I read a recommendation ( although dated) regarding Craftsman and Wolves that is on our way home via BART?
      The only problem there is that we would not have the option to return and enter the museum.

      Thank you for the recommendation, I will look into it.

      1. Rose Tea on 7th and Irving.

        The Japanese Tea Garden in the park (quite close to the museum) also serves tea, along with food from a small menu.

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        1. According to the website, the Japanese Tea Garden (?tea house?) is not open during the month of March, which is when I am going this time. But wil definately look into it for another day/date.

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            I just looked up Rose Tea (on Yelp - sorry Rose's website doesn't seem to be up yet) and it seems to be a perfect option for you. You just have to cross the park from the DeYoung, easy peasy.

          2. Unfortunately, walking distance is still quite a hike - upwards of six blocks.

            Katia's Russian Tea Room is on Fifth or you could go the opposite side of exiting the park to Park Chow. Both are a 20- to 30-minute walk, depending on how fast you trek.