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Feb 15, 2006 04:34 PM

Is there a good old-fashioned sit down deli in Sacramento?

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I don't think I've ever been to a good deli in Sacramento. Is there one? The kind where you can get matzo ball soup, and corned beef sandwiches with great deli pickles, etc.. Maybe this is just a New York or LA phenomenon.

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  1. How about Sam's Kosher Style Deli and Restaurant? Greenback Lane in Fair Oaks.

    No experience with this place.

    1. How about the Italian Importing Co. on J right before 19th. I havn't been able to pay them a visit yet, but i've always heard good things about the sandwiches served there. Actually I just found their own website. Its Let me know if you check it out and what you think of it.

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        This place also has a deli at 51st and Folsom Blvd. (It's set back in a old 60's style mall.) No matzo ball soup since its Italian but lot's of good Italian specialities including hot lunch plates, hot meatball sandwitches, soup and lot's of other goodies.
        No Rubens though. If you find a Jewish style deli please let us know.


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          Italian Importing is great. Awesome cannoli's as well

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            Bobs..on Fair Oaks Blvd and I hear there is a great new one in Granite Bay. Just surf net for Sacramento Deli's. I agree that the Italian Importing Co. on Folsom and 51st is great.

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              Bob's on Fair Oaks Blvd. at Marconi is also genuinely kosher.

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                Bob's is tiny and the guy was rude as hell. Just a few tiny tables. This town needs a deli for sure.

            2. Bud's, at 1016 10th St., around downtown Sacramento, serves a variety of hot deli sandwiches, including my favorite -- pastrami. they load it on so much, i can't eat there more than once or twice a month, or else my cholesterol will hit the roof. (maybe it has already.) Anyway, very good foods for very good prices, under $7 for most sandwiches. I don't know if they serve matzo ball soup, though.

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              1. Try Bubbie's Love Blintzes & Things, in Citrus Heights, Ca.
                It's run by a Jewish lady from NJ, I believe. Good food!

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                    I don't know if Sam's Deli is still around, but if it is, I can personally vouch for their matzo ball soup; that's what I had the one time I dined there.

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                    Just discovered Bubbie's last month. What a god send in the midst of a pretty barren foodscape!

                    This is the real deal Jewish deli.

                    Latkes, corned beef hash, Ruben sandwiches, blintz, biscuits and gravy, matzo soup, knish? They have it all. And I have never put a bite in my mouth and not been happy. Well, except sometimes the last one... because 'more please?'