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Jan 29, 2013 12:15 PM

Meat CSA that delivers?

My beloved Houde family farm is getting out of the meat CSA business. Do any other meat CSAs deliver to homes? Pickups are difficult due to irregular work schedule.

If I do have to pickup, any suggestions for meat CSA that would be convenient to Belmont?

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  1. Chestnut Farms (Hardwick, MA) has their monthly pick-up in Arlington Center at the Wednesday Farmers Market. They are a fantastic meat share - we did it for years. The only reason we stopped is because my husband started commuting to another city during the week, and we simply stopped eating as much meat.

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    1. re: Small Plates

      +1 for Chestnut Farm! They also have a pick up in Waltham (just over the border from Belmont at the old U Mass Field Station) the first weekend of every month (Saturday mornings during spring/summer and Sunday afternoons during winter/spring). So, no conflict with a weekday work schedule! I have been a satisfied customer for several years.

    2. Stillman's meat CSA has a delivery option, I don't know if they cover Belmont or not.

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        Doesn't look like Stillmans have any spots available for home delivery.

        Both the Chestnut Farm pickup locations are really convenient, but I am concerned about the apparent rigidity of pickup locations/times. Makes it hard to commit.

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          The window for Chestnut Farm pick ups is several hours long. Plus, they are okay with you asking someone else to pick up your share for you if you can't make it. Kim is really great to work with.