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Jan 29, 2013 12:07 PM

Camping stove? I really need this.

I drive a Prius, so nothing to let down to hold a stove. Any ideas?
Oh--and 1 or 2 person popup tent? Any tips very welcome.

Gratefully yours,


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  1. Hi, sweetfern:

    "Camping"... As in drive-to-it?

    I think it's hard to beat the ubiquitous green Coleman 2-burner suitcase-style stoves. About $80 in white gas, and $180 in dual-fuel white+unleaded. But. Not. In. The. Prius.

    I'll leave specific tent recs to those who have pop-ups. But my advice is that most "2-person" tents (and some "4-person" ones) are not big/tall enough for 2 people, their gear and dressing.


    1. great customer service and knowledgeble service people. They can set you up with anything from a tiny, light backpacking stove you can cart into the wilderness to a full on multiburner camp kitchen. Ditto on the tent options.

      1. Since you mentioned a Prius, I'll assume you're "car camping" not treking through the woods. The Coleman as suggested by Kaleo is a well established piece of standard equipment for cooking for all the people you can get in a Prius. No tailgate is required, just find a flat spot or table and you're ready to start cooking. I would suggest a set of light weight aluminum pots/pans as they transfer the heat quickly and effectively.

        Popup tent, not exactly sure what you are refering to, however, agian, Kaleo has brought up a good point. If there are two of you and you are "car camping" not back packing, get a 4 person tent. Unless you know today that this is a one time event, do not scrimp on the tent, buy a good one from a reputable supplier, spend more than you think you should. This is your shelter from the wind, rain, whatever mother nature throws at you. If you buy a cheep tent, it will be your only camping trip, you can almost take that to the bank.

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        1. re: mikie

          mikie is right. tent design has progressed so far.

          the basic propane Coleman stove can work wonders. it is far more versatile than it appears. we lived for 2 weeks on an endless (god it wouldn't stop!) roadtrip in the 70's with one. I need to dig it back out of the pile, and they last. that and a dutch oven, and if it's in a park you're camping a grill will take you anywhere.

        2. Prius tent:

          With a hatch tent like this, camping in a Prius is nearly as convenient as a boxier Honda Element.

          How about a hybrid stove?

          There are lots of options in backpacking and sports stores. If the weather isn't too cold, the butane 'hot plate' style of stove work fine. My current favorite is a Swedish made alcohol set - burner, stand and pots

          Or put an 'm' in your 'prius' and get a Primus omnifuel

          1. How elaborate do you plan to be cooking? When we're car camping for a couple of days, we just bring a tiny backpacking stove to do stuff like coffee, scrambles, and chili, and cook everything else over the campfire. The backpacking stove takes up no space and you can set it up pretty much anywhere:

            For when we'll be out longer and are feeling more elaborate, we'll bring our camp stove (not really in love with the one we have honestly, but will give you link for reference) and our mini-kitchen (we felt silly buying it but it really is great for keeping kitchen stuff organized).