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Jan 29, 2013 11:29 AM

Best easy drinking Rye for an Old-Fashioned Cocktail?

First I want to say that when I smell and taste or Rye, Bourbon and Whiskey on its own, i want to gag.

Last week when I was travelling Europe and a customer bought me an Old-Fashioned and I was dreading having to drink it. I tasted it and it was actually really really good. I completely forgot to ask the bartender what Rye they used.

I want to try making it at home but I would like to find a nice easy to drink Rye. Please give me ideas (preferably something I can get from the LCBO).

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    LCBO 469114 | 750 mL bottle

    Price $ 74.95

    Made in: Ontario, Canada
    By: William Grant & Sons Inc.

    Spirits, Whisky/Whiskey, Canadian
    40.0% Alcohol/Vol.

    Tasting Note
    Deep amber colour; vanilla and dried apricot aromas; smooth and mellow palate with a warm finish.

    Serving Suggestion
    An excellent sipping whisky

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    1. I had a fry good old fashioned at The Saint last week and I asked what they used...

      Makers mark. Not a rye but a bourbon, which is very typical for an old fashioned too.

      A lot of good cocktail bars in Toronto will use Alberta springs 10 yrs for their cocktails.

      Both of those options are not expensive at all. But are regarded highly by many bartenders, especially if you're going to make cocktails and not sip them neat.

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      1. I doubt you will find an easier drinking Canadian Rye Whiskey than Forty Creek.

        1. Mixing expensive sipping booze with sugar, bitters and a maraschino cherry is like swigging single-malt & Coke. It's just not done. Try some uncomplicated Wiser's Deluxe. (750 mL/ $26.45 )