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Jan 29, 2013 11:10 AM

Most Expensive Restaurant List on Eater L.A.

Wonder how they compiled this list. Wonder if they even bothered to attend the restaurants. From my experience Melisse should (easily) be #2, not Providence. Compare their most expensive $250 Carte Blanche tasting menu to Providence's most expensive $175 Market tasting menu. And it says some wines at Melisse can "reach the $1000 mark" - well some and quite a few can exceed that too.

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  1. Not sure how they calculate it. Average check? Average Zagat reported price? I agree Melisse is second only to Urasawa on food alone. Can't really count wines since that depends on the wine and not restaurant.

    IMO they have n/naka and Yamakase flipped.

    Also Totoraku is $150-200 before tip just on food alone.

    You can't take these lists too seriously.

    1. Well, KevinEats & Co. arranged a 22 course chef's table @ Providence for a cool $360pp after tax/ 2009.

      I can only imagine the cost has gone up since.

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        That's a "custom" meal. Just add truffles at Melisse and sayonara baby to your credit card!

        Agree with Porthos - n/nake and Yamakase are flipped.