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Jan 29, 2013 10:58 AM

obika last night for dinela dinner

i've had some tremendous meals there in the past that have all revolved around their cheese and their pastas.

dunno why i made the stupid decision to veer off course last night.
had the caponata, the soup, the swordfish, and the apricot tart.
it was a fine meal, not at all a bad meal.
the service was really lovely, too.
there was a tremendous amount of food and, especially, a tremendous amount of protein (BIG portion of swordfish) served.
it just didn't stack up to the cheese and pasta dishes i've had there in the past, nor to the cheese and pasta dishes i could see other diners eating at the tables that surrounded me.

their pizza also looked good, but having just fallen madly in love with sotto's pizza, couldn't really give theirs a fair evaluation so i didn't order it.

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