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Jan 29, 2013 10:48 AM


Any thoughts on any of these new venues? Then menus at Rivabella and Bedford & Burns look very good.

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  1. Of those mentioned, I have only been to Doma. I really loved it.
    The Manager was formerly the long time manager of Toscana and he was brilliant at his job. Francesco was among the best in town. The same warm welcome awaits you at Doma. The restaurant and bar are exquisite. Some careful planning and serious money went into that refurbishing. Doma is owned by the folks who own Dan Tana's.
    I can't remember the name of the chef, but I do know that all of his pasta is homemade. I have found the cocktails to be generous, and the food to be absolutely stellar. I have had 2 different pastas, fish and a taste of my friends ribeye steak (which was outstanding), One of the stars of the show is the little pot of mashed potatoes which accompanies the fish. OMG, seriously decadent, piping hot and quite possibly the best mashed potatoes I have ever tasted. Seating is very comfortable and noise level quite tolerable. Moreover, I found the prices to be reasonable, given the quality of the food and the location. All things considered, I would choose Doma over Scarpetta. The dress is much more casual, the ambiance is warmer, the food may not be as elegant, but the tastes are wonderful and the prices are much more user friendly.

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      Thanks for the write-up on Doma. What was the crowd like? Was it full for dinner service or on the empty side?

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        I've eaten at RIVABELLA and BEDFORD & BURNS.

        Rivabella - I dined there for lunch. It's a large, space, nice decor. It was seemingly a high-end clientele. I had an asparagus soup to start which was delicious. I had the special - a sea bass with oven roasted tomatoes in a lobster sauce. It was even better than the soup. I wanted to try their pizza as well, but I spotted it on another table and it looked like a typical cheese pizza (orange on the top as opposed to gobs of great mozzerella) and it was huge.
        While the food was delicious, I did think it was overpriced.

        BEDFORD & BURNS - I popped in and ordered the cioppino to go. I LOVED the decor in the restaurant. The cioppino was just ok. Nothing worth ordering again but not bad.

        Doma is on my list to try. What is Home?

        1. re: bruinike

          HOME is a jazz supper club in the old Mandarin space. Appears to be in the vein of Vibrato.

      2. Have not eated at any but I have walked through RivaBella.
        From the outside the place looks horrible.
        From the inside the crowd looks horrible (in the most trendy, obnoxious, BOA-like way)
        From the inside the place looks beautiful.
        The food - which is all I really care about - no idea.

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          I ate at DOMA during its soft opening. Thought it was ok, but not great. That said, it was only open a short time and I would absoultely try again. I too have walked through Rivabella and think it is a beautiful venue. The menu looks great and some good friends loved the food anxious to try it.

          Also, anxious to try Bedford & Burns. Place looks very relaxed and the owners are very friendly. They gave me a tour shortly before it opened. Menu looks very good.

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            Went to RivaBella for lunch during DineLA...which we had to ask about and they seemed almost surprised when we asked for a DineLA menu.

            The place was very beautiful; loved the patio setting!

            The crowd was older - maybe different for dinner?

            The food was okay - some hits and misses:

            Hits: Radicchio Salad with Crispy Polenta Croutons, Tagliolini Pasta with Lemon, Basil and Cream

            Misses: Fried Mussels with Beer Sauce, both desserts we had were huge misses --- cheesecake and chocolate cake, which was more like Flan. Gross!!

            Neither hits or misses: Spinach Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu and Mint

          2. I just saw that Doma has its website up and running. Good website. Includes menus, prices and photos.

            1. Had a very good meal at Bedford and Burns. Lamb shank was excellent.