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Jan 29, 2013 10:34 AM

Poutine Week

Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations for Poutine Week? I'm thinking the poutine at Tazah looks interesting, and Poutineville is always good:

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  1. Thanks, didn't even know such a thing existed! Some of those combos are giving me heartburn just reading them :-0

    I've heard the burnt ends poutine at BlackStrap BBQ in Verdun is quite good, but although I've had take-out from there, I haven't tried the poutine.

    Happy tasting!

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      I keep hearing about this restaurant, burnt end poutine, interesting...

    2. I went to the launch party last night at Globe, what a joke. No promos of any kind that I could see. No drinks, none of the free poutine that was mentioned in the invite, and small turnout (weather was crap, but still had hundreds of attending on FB). Just looked like another night to me, except that there were alot of event photographers, in fact almost as many as there were women around the bar (I'm not exaggerating by much). To be fair though, all St-Laurent was pretty slow last night due to the weather.

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        1. A confession - I HATE poutine - good frites are a very occasional treat for me, and I think pouring brown sauce on them ruins the crisp frites.

          But I admit that the Syrian Poutine at Tazah is tempting indeed:

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            I know what you mean. I tend to think of poutine as a gratinée so the texture is not too upsetting in that context. I can't actually tolerate cow's milk cheese so keep hoping someone will create sheep or goat's milk poutine - they had it for a moment at Frites Alors once. I like the idea of Poutine Week for that reason, as there are different recipes being offered.

            I went to La Mauvaise Reputation and friends tried the pulled pork poutine which was really nice, no complaints there. I bailed on the poutine theme and ordered their fried chicken, but the star of the show was the fish and chips plate.

            1. re: Plateaumaman

              They have a goat-cheese poutine at Burger de ville. Haven't had it but folks I know who have say it's really good.


              1. re: kpzoo

                They use a peppercorn sauce with the goat cheese and it is my favourite poutine in Montreal (can only vouch for the Westminster location, never been to the one on St Laurent).

                1. re: causeimhungry

                  This is very good news. I'll put Burger Deville on my list of places to go now. Oh wait, veal stock in their peppercorn sauce. Hmm, maybe they offer cow-free options. I read that the Syrian cheese on Tazah's lamb poutine is goat as well, hope they keep it on their menu after Poutine Week.

                  1. re: Plateaumaman

                    I'm sure they could easily come up with a lambless alternative - I think it is goat cheese, certainly hope so. Have you been to Tazah yet? I've only been to Trip de bouffe, the Lebanese place nearby. How I love food from that part of the world.

                    1. re: lagatta

                      I went to Tazah. I really liked it, but they did not apply the Poutine Week pricing. They charged $10 for the smaller one and $15 for the larger one; a bit pricy for what I got. It was good though and unique in taste.

                      1. re: artstate

                        Oh, that's too bad. But at least it means I can try it whether it's Poutine Week or not. I hear the General Tao poutine at Planete Poutine is very good and that could be nice without cheese. @lagatta, Trip de Bouffe is great!

                        1. re: Plateaumaman

                          Went to Cafe Local on St. Viateur and my dinner partner ordered the Merguez poutine with goat cheese. He is a poutine aficianado (I am definitely now) and he said it was the best poutine he had ever had, even better that Patati Patate and Le Banquise.

                          1. re: williej

                            Wow, that's good to know. Sounds like a good combination. I'll check it out!

          2. Pretty disappointed with Poutine Week. Was expecting more of an "event" I guess. The few places we went to didn't even advertise it.