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Jan 29, 2013 10:30 AM

Late Night Dining: After 10PM

My daughter will be arriving on a 10PM train into Union Station on a Friday night. I am looking for some options to satisfy both of us. We will be driving, so we can venture in any direction. We are open to all suggestions.


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  1. Here are a few suggestions:

    If you like old fashioned, quiet Italian, then Donatello's on Elm takes reservations up to 11.30. As well, the recently reopened Lil' Antony's on Adelaide - also Italian - looks as though it too takes reservations up to 11.30 but I've not been there.
    A regular place for us, as it just kitty corner from the new opera house, is Nota Bene at Queen and University. They take reservations until 11.00pm.There's no corkage charge after 9.00pm but check whether that's just for weekends as we always go on a Saturday evening.
    I doubt if you'll want to go as far North as Yorkville but One, the restaurant in the Hazleton Hotel on Yorkville stays open until midnight,
    I haven't been to Le Select for a while now but that used to stay open fairly late.
    And, of course, a number of Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (Dundas/Spadina) would always be happy to see you almost at any hour.
    These are just a few suggestions from the top of my head. I hope others can provide more. We always like to have dinner after plays/operas so we, too, are always interested in finding places for late night dining.

    1. black hoof, chantecler, enoteca sociale, rock lobster (have never been but heard it's fine and fits the criteria of being open), oddseoul, woodlot, acadia, grand electric are all options

      also, chinese food

      1. We had the same issue last week and made reservations at The Saint. They're open late, the food is good and they take reservations! It's a bit noisy though, but not so loud that you can't hear each other.

        1. Buca takes reservations until 11:00 and they won't rush you out.

          1. Le Select serves food after 10 pm on Friday nights.