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Jan 29, 2013 09:38 AM

Small wedding in Central Park-- ideas for moderate price, group-friendly restaurants for brunch/lunch?

Hello! I've been searching the discussions on this site but nothing seems to be posted exactly on my question, so I thought I'd start a new thread.

My fiance and I are planning to elope in Central Park in May (near the Boathouse) when our families will be out here to visit, so the ceremony will be small and non-traditional, with maybe 30 or so guests. We're trying to find a restaurant or space for us all to go for a reception after, but want to avoid the expensive traditional wedding venues.

The ceremony will be in the late morning so we want a place around brunch or lunch time, ideally with unlimited mimosas or some similar boozy option. We're not particular on the type of food, but would like the restaurant to have a semi-private area. Ideally we would like an outdoor or terrace space near Central Park but those aren't essential. It doesn't necessarily need to be a sit-down restaurant, so bars with decent food and some seating are an option too. I'm not sure of our exact budget... it doesn't need to be super cheap, but we want to avoid the overpriced and high-end places.

I know of the Central Park Boathouse as one option but would love any other suggestions to look into. Thanks so much!!

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  1. I believe Calle Ocho and Sunburnt Cow have bottomless booze specials for brunch. Calle Ocho has a private room, too.

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      The one on the UWS, I believe, is called Sunburnt Calf, in case the OP is searching for near the park.

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        Ah, the one on the UWS is the one I meant to say!

    2. Don't forget to get a permit if you're having over 20 people.

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        Thanks, Alan, I just came across that same information myself last week!

        And Kathryn, thanks for the tips. I've been to Calle Ocho for dinner but haven't heard of Sunburnt Cow, I'll look into that one.