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Jan 29, 2013 08:49 AM

Casu Marzu - maggot cheese???

I recently came across this post discussing the delicacy of maggot cheese. I have a pretty high threshold for gross but that definitely meets it. I don't like to judge others food preferences, but has anyone tried this? What is it like? Would you try it?

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  1. I have not, but I used to work with a woman who married a Corsican fellow -- I don't remember the details, but tradition dictates that a father-in-law serves it to his daughter-in-law after the marriage.

    She said that it took a few shots of liquid courage to steel herself to the challenge, but that she wasn't going to back down...the judgment was that it was edible, but not something she'd do again.

    1. Had it as well as a 'moving' cheese in the Auvergne. More of an Andrew Zimmern thing, did not find it overly distinguished. More of been there did it.

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          Almost indescript, no flavor notes were noticed, perhaps musty but uninteresting. Mine was the Corsican variant. Mimolette from northern Picardy in france has mites used as well, but that cheese has a great chew and good flavor, unlike this one.

      1. The OP I started about new bloggers focused on their love of cheese were the folks cited in the serious eats blog. If you visit that OP on this Cheese board you can read a lot more about their adventures.

        I had not even heard of maggot cheese before reading their blog and the serious eats coverage.

        1. Cabrales from Spain sometimes has Maggots in it as well. It is not supposed to be exported (the wormy ones) but I once got wheel that had them. We returned the wheel to the distributor.