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NOLA themed Super Bowl Party

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Not attached to either team, so we're going with a New Orleans themed party...

Mains will be muffulettas and red beans and rice. Ordered a King Cake from my favorite LA bakery for dessert. Help me with sides {besides Zapp's} and appetizers! I'd like things to be low maintenance, such as dips or make ahead. I don't want to be working when I could be watching football!

And rooting against Jim Harbaugh!

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  1. Melt a brick of Velveeta and add a can of Ro-Tel.

    I would make jambalaya instead of red beans and rice. It can be made well in advance and reheated just before serving. For those who have a flatulence problem due to beans, jambalaya would be less embarrassing.

    1. boudin, cups of dark roux gumbo made on Saturday, lots of gunfire.

      1. Welllll, raw oysters would work but they're expensive here. I'd go for cold shrimp with a remoluade dipping sauce, spicy peel and eat shrimp or maybe a hot crawfish dip. You can do a lot with crawfish. You can even get the meat frozen.

        1. +1 for spicy peel and eat shrimp. Spicy crab spread to serve with crackers. Grill up some andouille sausages, cut into bite size pieces serve with lemon and cajun mustard.

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            How about the recipe for that spicy crab spread? Sounds good

          2. Popcorn sprinkled with Cajun spice -- Tony Chachere's or Zataraine's

            Tiny new potatoes boiled in crab boil

            1. Excellent ideas here so far. I would add:
              - black eye pea salsa (can be a side or an app)
              - mini crabcakes
              - creole deviled eggs

              I tend to agree with making jambalaya or gumbo instead. They're kind of like NOLAs version of chili. But hey, it's your party, do what you want!

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                That was a really good point about red beans and rice. Serve with Bean O??? If you have a crowd, gumbo requires bowls, but so does chili so...If you can locate andouille sausage, you can use for jambalaya and also make a frittata and cut it into appetizer portions. If you can't find andouille, use chorizo. Crab or shrimp of any flavor are always welcome! I like the mini crabcake idea, you can make ahead, chill and reheat for an easy appetizer. Cream cheese with pepper jelly, yum!

              2. Headchees if you can get it. Let some melt and use as a cracker dip. Also, a blockof Philadelphia Brand cream cheese with a botle of Pickapeppa sauce poured over it. Serve with a sturday cracker (tho the cheesecan be softened.) A classic New Orleans side item not much known nowadays.