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Jan 29, 2013 07:27 AM

Coming to Austin for Half Marathon in a few weeks

My husband and I came to Austin last year to run the Live Strong Half Marathon, and had so much fun we are coming back again this year. We are staying in the Travis Heights area, and will have a car.
I need recommendations for a 'nice' dinner on Friday night. This will be our 'Valentine's date', and would prefer somewhere that takes reservations. I have a reservation at Olivia now, but I've heard mixed review on that. Would love to try Barley Swine, but don't want the Friday night wait.

We plan on pizza for our pre-race meal Saturday, so where's the best place for a pie? And then, we'll want beer and burgers after the race on Sunday... where's the best spot for that?
Finally, is there anywhere we should hit on Monday for lunch and/or dinner that might be too crowded to visit on the weekend? We are wide open on that day.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. For pizza, I love Homeslice! Also try Backspace (will need reservations) or East Side Pies!

    After the half marathon, Hopdoddy (usually there is a line during lunch hours btw). I think they have the best burgers. If there is a line and you don't want to wait - go to Wholly Cow on South Lamar!

    Some recommendations for a nice Friday dinner: Olive and June (Italian), Fabi + Rosi (European) or Lenoir (French/American)

    Hope that helps and good luck on Live Strong! I'm running the full marathon so I can't wait to figure what I want to eat after I'm done!!

    1. Uchiko is a fantastic date night. so is Hudson's on the bend.

      1. Thanks to you both for the suggestions! Ahoang, good luck on your run too.