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Jan 29, 2013 07:25 AM

Best place to eat before a Flames game?

What are some great places to go to before a Flames game, for good food and beer? (-Preferably not *too* far from the Saddledome...)

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  1. I just got this link from Avenue magazine in my inbox!

    I personally wouldn't recommend Ed's. Very crowded and loud and the food is not great.

    I love the food at Model Milk but it's not within walking distance of the Dome on a cold night.

    Keynote Sunterra is good with a lot of variety though I've found the service in the sit down area very slow. I love their self-serve salad bar.

    Loungeburger is decent. not somewhere I'd die to eat at unless it was before a game or event though.

    last time i was at that Cafe Rosso location, they didn't offer full meal-type food but maybe they do now.

    Haven't been to Olives.

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      That Cafe Rosso does have a good menu now.

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        Last time I was at Loungeburger it happened to be before a game (because I know when there's a hockey game?) and they had a dramatically reduced Game Night Menu, which they sprung on us at the table. It was a fraction of their regular menu and- to my disappointment- did not have a veggie burger on it. I explained my vegetarian predicament and asked if it would be possible to have veggie burger. They said yes, and then brought me a portobello burger, which (at the time) was a different menu item all together. (It seems like they've taken the original veggie burger off the menu and cut back to just the portobello burger now.)

        This was at least a year ago, however. They might serve their full menu on game nights now. If you're thinking of heading there it might be worth a call first even if you don't have a vegetarian in your group.

      2. PIZZA!

        UNA is walkable, or a pizza at Manie's (one of the best pizzas in the city) or a pizza at the Hop n Brew...

        1. Il Gallo Nero is very close to the Saddledome (on 17th ave) and it is excellent. They usually have a special menu for game night, so you can get in and out fairly quickly. They also have parking if you are eating there. Definitely need a reservation though.