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Jan 29, 2013 06:59 AM

Suggestions for restaurant with a private room near Stockton/Galloway

I am looking for a place to host a graduation party for my son in May. I need a restaurant with good food that has a private room that would fit about 20 - 30 people. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. The two places that come to mind are The Rams Head Inn and the Marriott down there on the golf course whose name escapes me.

    Side note to the Marriott I wound up "partying" with Aerosmith one time down there as they were playing in A/C but wanted to stay out of the down town and rented a floor at that Marriott. circa 1990/1991? Stockton Home of the Osprey!!

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      The Marriott is no longer a Marriott became a Dolce Hotel, then soon after sold to Stockton it is called the Stockton Seaview Hotel..

      I have not been to the The Rams Head inn in ages, but since it is a Knowles family's has to still be an excellent choice. The Seaview Resort is also a nice place and I have been there as recently as this past October for a Golf Charity event staged by a friend for the last 22 years.

      I don't know much about the general AC area....but you could also consider the Atlantic City Country Club, which has a very nice clubhouse and does small parties. I was there as well on my October excursion and there was a small party running there and it looked quite nice the way they had set up the event.

      You could also consider the Renault Winery if the guests will be over 21 years of age.!vstc0=...

    2. is gourmet italian cuisine still open by pitney?