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Jan 29, 2013 06:56 AM

Pizzeria Maria - Nashua

Anyone tried this new pizza place yet? They have Sicilian pizza and calzones. It's located on DW down near Udapi Bhavan. Hope I spelled that correctly!

Reviews on Yelp are amazing...however, I think it's family and friends since most reviewers only have the one review.

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  1. We enjoyed it. It's what I would consider Rhode Island style Sicilian...coming in a rectangular shape instead of a circle. They get the cheese nice and brown on top and the crust was pretty crisp, while still on the thick side. The down side is that it takes much longer to cook, so you should call in an order ahead if you don't want to wait. They had a couple of good beers on tap too, I remember one was a Dogfish Head. Nice bonus. Not much in the way of atmosphere though. I'd say its worth a try. Of course, in my opinion, pizza is such a highly subjective food, but this I think is good enough to try for yourself and see what you think :).

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      Finally went myself. Damn good pizza. Love the crunch on the bottom of the crust. Pretty sure it's the best pizza in Nashua....IMO of course :)

    2. I am impressed that Nashua is getting more pizza places that are not chains. There are now several.
      I liked this one; it may not be perfect for those who like the thinnest crispiest crusts, but otherwise it was definitely a cut above the "houses of Greece" type pizza places.

      1. My husband stopped in today for a calzone and really enjoyed it. They are HUGE though so try and have someone to share it with.

        I tried some leftover sauce and it was tasty. He also said she makes her own meatballs, so no nasty frozen balls of filler.

        1. Here's a nice story about Maria I just found on The telegraph.
          She's going to be helping out the plow drivers:

          Just a heart warming story on a cold blustery night.

          1. I still have the pizza mouth as a result of the hot gooey yumminess.