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Jan 29, 2013 06:26 AM

On the more disturbing side of "entertainment" food consumption......(not for the weak stomach)

The thread or topic below is truly disturbing to me but while thinking about it brought back a memory of something I saw in a movie one time. I wanted to know if any of you remember it and if in fact this was factual either at the time or even today.

Does anyone remember the movie "Faces of Death" it was popular in the early to mid 80's and it was a gruesome assortment of videos mostly of people meeting untimely demises which were caught on tape.

However this link reminded me of one video in the movie which was a Latin American restaurant I believe, where the patrons sat around a table which was actually a cage......and placed in the cage was a monkey....the monkeys head was secured in an opening in the middle of the table and each person at the table was given a small hammer or mallet which they used to bludgeon the animal and then immediately eat it's brain.

Do any of you remember that? The video in the link below (DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DON"T HAVE A STRONG STOMACH) brought back the memory of that movie and now as an adult am wondering if that could have truthfully been real. If so I have no idea for the life of me how someone could find that entertaining or acceptable just like eating the frog in this video. Yes, I know all animals are slaughtered for our consumption. Read the thread below for my comments/feelings.

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    1. re: ferret

      By chance did you see the movie I referenced? It was far later than the 40's as mentioned in your article it last being done. Thanks for the info though! Horrible practice if you ask me.

    2. Most reputable sources conclude that eating the brains of live monkeys is an urban legend. And it's almost always a "friend of a friend" who reports attending such a sumptuous dinner. So don't let the brain-eating idea freak you out too much. There are plenty of real horrors in life (and food production) to worry about.

      From an NPR interview with the director of that film you reference (

      BROOKE GLADSTONE: And the two that Alex happened to mention, the eating of the monkey brains after clubbing the monkey to death at a restaurant, and the man in the electric chair, those were both faked scenes, right?

      JOHN ALAN SCHWARTZ: Yeah, they are. And the thing that made the monkey so incredible is that we found a monkey trainer, and so all we did is we built this special table and rented a Moroccan restaurant and put some friends of ours around a table.

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      1. re: wasny

        Wow......I guess in one sense I'm relieved....but in another I feel taken advantage of that for 20+ years I thought the entire movie was real!!!

        1. re: wasny

          Interesting. I didn't watch the film, then or now, but have heard many times about the money scene. Glad to hear it was fake.

          1. re: tcamp

            LMAO.......tcamp "the money scene" I believe is more an adult film industry term!!

            (I know you meant the Monkey scene but couldn't help pointing out the Freudian slip)

        2. Well, why? Not arguing, the 'EW!' factor is subjective. But is it the 'Live'? Or the 'monkey'? Or the 'brains'? Lots of Hounds eat oysters and clams on the half shell, and there was a recent thread about live spiny lobsters at 15 East without a single 'EW!' response. Is it because monkeys are evolutionarily closer to humans than invertebrates? Yet we eat plenty of vertebrates cooked. Is it the organ meat factor? Babbo does a good business with all sorts of cat food, albeit cooked. Is it destroying a live brain, the place where we do our thinking? Yet an estimated 177 million people will be watching and cheering brain-destroying concussions next Sunday at the Superbowl.

          1. I remember the movie. I remember being shocked so I guess the director did a good job at what he set out to do. But even watching it as a kid (and believing it to be real) I figured it was only practiced by some small cult and was not a regular practice.

            OK. I just watched it again on the youtubes. Funny how it played differently in my head. Essentially the same but it actually seems more tame now. In my head it was much more barbaric. The participants were actually being served in a fine restaurant.

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              OMG it's on YouTube!?!?!? Well I know the first thing I'm doing tomorrow at the office!