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Name your favorite cookies

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Thought it would be fun to hear what other peoples favorite cookies are in the Bay Area as I am always on a search for an excellent cookie.

Some of my favorites are:

- Cookies & Cream and Toffee Chip cookies at Anthony's
- Peanut Brittle Brown Sugar and Croquantino cookies at Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
- Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookie at Baker & Banker Bakery
- Molasses cookie at Craftsman & Wolves
- Salty Peanut cookie at Boulette's Larder
- Oatmeal Dried Fruit cookie at Spruce

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  1. Nice list. My fave cookies right now are at Mr&Mrs--through some superior combo of sugar and butter they've managed to make cookies that are both chewy and crisp. The salted chocolate shortbread at Miette is surprisingly addictive. The almond meringues at Tartine are very satisfying as well.

    1. I always enjoy the cookies at sweet adeline bakeshop in Berkeley, particularly their oatmeal choc chip.

      1. -Mexican wedding cookie at Tartine
        -Chocolate chip cookie from Chocolatier Blue (more chocolate than cookie, almost)

        1. Lao Gong Bing from Wonder Bakery Oakland.It looks like a cookie.

          1. Love Miette ginger snaps. Do not love the price tag.

            1. Baked in Portero Hill has a chocolate chip cookie so good I walked back up the hill to get another one. It's about as good as a chocolate chip cookie can get, and on par with some of best homemade ones I've eaten.

              1. ginger molasses cookies from Starter Bakery are my current favorite

                1. Had a delicious chocolate ginger cookie (a molasses ginger cookie with chocolate chunks) at Pie Ranch last week. Do they also have them at Mission Pie?

                  1. I'm a fan of the carmelized coconut macaroon from Jet Black Bakery (available at Soup Junkie).

                    1. Does Humphrey Slocombe still make cookies? I remember really liking them but haven't been in a long time

                      1. I like the ginger cookie at Bakesale Betty's, though I haven't had it in quite a while, since I can't make it there during the 10 or so hours a week they're open these days.

                        I recently had a similar cookie at Sweet Bar Bakery that was pretty good.

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                          +1! I am a huge fan of that cookie but never make it to Bakesale Betty anymore with those limited hours. Ah, pumpkin bread, how I miss you.

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                            ditto re bakesale betty's ginger cookie (like it, don't get there so much anymore).

                            but my favorites: alfajores from the lovely woman @ the alemany farmer's market every saturday--maybe the best cookie ever :) http://www.saborsur.com/

                          2. Went to Goody Goodie again today to see how the cookies still are and I have to say that I was fairly disappointed. I remember when it was just a window on Folsom St. they cookies were ridiculously good but ever since it moved to the cafe space on Harrison St. right across the Best Buy the cookies have always tasted like they were a day or two old. I guess that's what happens when you start making sandwiches, pastries, waffles, coffee, and other cafe food when you originally have a business with one specialty.

                            1. Phoenix Pastificio's macaroons & pecan chewies!