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Jan 29, 2013 02:02 AM

Name your favorite cookies

Thought it would be fun to hear what other peoples favorite cookies are in the Bay Area as I am always on a search for an excellent cookie.

Some of my favorites are:

- Cookies & Cream and Toffee Chip cookies at Anthony's
- Peanut Brittle Brown Sugar and Croquantino cookies at Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
- Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookie at Baker & Banker Bakery
- Molasses cookie at Craftsman & Wolves
- Salty Peanut cookie at Boulette's Larder
- Oatmeal Dried Fruit cookie at Spruce

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  1. Nice list. My fave cookies right now are at Mr&Mrs--through some superior combo of sugar and butter they've managed to make cookies that are both chewy and crisp. The salted chocolate shortbread at Miette is surprisingly addictive. The almond meringues at Tartine are very satisfying as well.

    1. I always enjoy the cookies at sweet adeline bakeshop in Berkeley, particularly their oatmeal choc chip.

      1. -Mexican wedding cookie at Tartine
        -Chocolate chip cookie from Chocolatier Blue (more chocolate than cookie, almost)

        1. Lao Gong Bing from Wonder Bakery Oakland.It looks like a cookie.

          1. Love Miette ginger snaps. Do not love the price tag.