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Jan 29, 2013 01:38 AM

Where to eat driving from TF Green to Milford, MA (but not Providence)?

Picking up daughter's future MIL at TF Green at 6 pm mid-March on a Friday and need "Plan B" if plane is delayed and we can't get back to Milford in time for dinner (which is almost what I'm hoping will happen since the pickings in Milford are slim.) Our first thought is Legal Seafood by the airport, but our daughter says MIL has already been to LS and might go again while staying in Boston later. Providence is obvious choice, but husband refuses to drive into the city, esp. on a Fri. nite. and we have not eaten in Prov. in years so no favorite restaurant to choose. I guess what we're looking for is a non-chain (ie. Olive Garden, etc.) restaurant that is not too far off Rt. 95 or Rt. 495 (somewhere from Attleboro thru Mansfield and maybe incl. Franklin), and not too expensive like Davio's at Patriot Place. [Won't go into the fact that MIL has to eat low carb, but figure any Italian recommendations will have something on the menu for her to choose from.] Many thanks!

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  1. It's a shame that your Husband doesn't want to drive thru Providence on a Friday night. The drive on 95 isn't very difficult. Federal Hill has many good restaurants and is easy off & on 95 via the Atwells Ave. exit.

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      I can't help it! That's just the way he is and he doesn't like to dance, either!!! But after 38 years, you learn to live with it!

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        Atwells Ave is usually insane on a Friday night, and your best bet to get into a decent restaurant there is with reservations. I would avoid that place on a Friday nite like the plague! A week night, sure, but otherwise I'll pass.

      2. I could understand not wanting to go downtown on a Friday nite, or to atwells ave, but there are a few great options on or off broadway on the west side of providence. There is little "city traffic", if any at all, and the options are literally five minutes off the highway. Nicks on Broadway, Broadway Bistro, and north are all very good options that meet your other criteria.

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          Checked the Nicks and Broadway Bistro websites (couldn't figure out what "north" was) and the food looked great. The pictures of Nick's and Broadway from the websites look like they might be a little "intimate/date night" for people who have been traveling on a plane all day, but know that's the vibe they want to give on their website. Would we all feel out of place in jeans/slacks/traveling clothes?

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            All of the place are definetly casual. north 's website is, their menus can be found at

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              Will keep Nicks and Broadway Bistro in "Plan B" (or just for us, sometime!) Thanks for the link to North. Checked it out and think my daughter would love it, but not "predictable" enough for us to try for the first time with company.

        2. Lacucina in Smithfield (quick on /off I-295 at rt 44) should be a consideration if you want to avoid I-95 through Providence.

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          1. D Carlo in Smithfield might be a good pick for you. You may need reservations on a Friday night.

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              We happened to be staying in Smithfield a couple of nights ago and went to D Carlo. We were quite pleased. We had a special pizza that night that was delicious (figs and blue cheese and balsamic vinegar, on a very thin and crispy crust). My DH and I also had a cocktail with limoncello and tea and mint that was wonderful.

            2. Anything to report back?