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Jan 28, 2013 10:36 PM

Sunday in Nashville

We have one night in Nashville, a Sunday, and would like an experience or food that is unique to your city or state - either that night or in the morning before we leave! Any ideas appreciated.

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  1. Sunday supper at City House, brunch at Margot or Marche, hot chicken at Hattie B's...just to name a few options that I would take a guest to.

    1. I will second City House for Dinner and Marche for brunch if you want more elegant, elevated food. However, I will also mention Monell's for brunch/lunch if you want something a bit more, well...Southern. Swett's might also be good if you can get there with the post-church crowds, say perhaps 1 or 2 pm (Monell's is family-style, Swett's is cafeteria-style...both are at their best when way busy!).

      I moved away from Nashville a year ago, and here in Philadelphia I can get plenty of elevated, refined food. What I sigh over from Nashville are things like turnip greens (they don't exist up here), simmered country-fried steak & pork chops, fried chicken (fried chicken up here just makes me sad after 6.5 years in TN...) and chess pie. And sweet potato pie. And cherry cobbler...


      1. Ejohn, I'm wondering...when you say "unique", what does that mean to you? Elevated, elegant food? Downmarket burgers & beers with the locals in places where no tourist ever sets foot? Local or regional specialties? When you say unique, what does that mean to you?

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          Really, just down home, things that reflect the city, the local foods or cooking. I'm from Portland, I would recommend cedar plank salmon while you are here, for example and things with local strawberries, and pinot noir. They are things we do well. I like to eat things that reflect the cooking and/or ingredients Nashville is known for, if that is possible. Doesn't have to be elegant, we like both innovative chefs who do marvelous things with local food, and, for example, crummy bars in New Mexico with great green chile pepper burgers. Thanks to all for the help.

        2. The thing about City House is that it's not all that elegant/elevated. It's rustic Italian (no, not spaghetti & meatballs) crossed with Southern ingredients/sensibility in a formerly industrial building. It's one of the best meals that Nashville has to offer, and I would say it IS unique to Nashville.

          Be sure to make reservations, as far in advance as you can. Alternately, if there's just two of you, you may be able to squeeze in at the small bar as a walk-in.

          Other places that are unique to Nashville, from higher-end to neighborhood spots to "joints": Edley's BBQ, Etch, The Southern, Lockeland Table (oh, not open on Sunday, never mind), {blvd}Nashville, Capitol Grill. Also agree with Hattie B's for hot chicken.