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Jan 28, 2013 10:04 PM

A primer on flatbreads (Pico/Robertson)

I will be staying in the Pico/Robertson 'hood for the next couple of months...just by chance. I don't eat kosher or have any real knowledge of Persian food (which is how the markets here were described to me).

Can anyone suggest goodies in the markets here I might not know to try? And can anyone break down the amazing assortment of breads? It looked like mostly flatbreads, but I recall...

3'-longish, 1"-highish oblong-shaped bread
soft, cakey-looking circular bread
11"x17"ish sheets of pita-ish stuff
big circles of golden crispy stuff

I had some lovely cookies at Beverlywood Bakery recently. Tasted like they were from old recipes. More simple than a lot of things today, but so yummy. Very comforting. Mmmm.

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  1. Sounds like:


    I stick to the sangak, personally. Didn't care too much for the others (though taftoon's pretty good) at least not compared to sangak which is like the second best thing in the world

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      Awesome -- thank you ;-)

      I'll start with the sangak.