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Jan 28, 2013 08:05 PM

Ashland for three days

We will have two dinner before the theater and one dinner with no
time limits in Ashland. Also need three lunch suggestions - and one
breakfast on the way out of town.

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  1. Well, Morning Glory for breakfast is an easy one.
    For dinners, I like Smithfield's, Amuse, Tabu, Taroko, Thai Pepper, Larks, and Peerless. Beasy's or Omar's for Steaks. Perhaps New Sammy's in Talent for
    your dinner with no time limits, or Peerless if you want to stay in town.
    Lunch could be Tot's (vietnamese BBQ), Sauce, Taj Indian
    (nice lunch buffet), Black Sheep, or the Boulton Butcher Shop.
    Some of the dinnner places mentioned also serve lunch.
    If those don't appeal, I can suggest some more, but give a glance at those and tell me what you think.

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Thanks, Bill. New Sammy's is pretty great - can't make it for
      lunch but do have dinner available one night with no
      deadline. Do you know anything about the food at the
      Winchester House? I think that's where we're staying. Sue

      1. re: tafttiger

        I have eaten there a few times in the past. Good food.
        I know that they are changing things up with an all new menu and look. Looks like it reopens tomorrow. :)
        I would only eat at New Sammy's without a deadline. Not worth it to be hurried there.
        Smithfield's is really great, run by the former chef at Dragonfly.
        Sort of a Nose to Tail meat place. Great fun. I guess it would qualify as a steak place too.
        For lunch I should also mention Milagro's, the new Mexican place in
        the Market of Choice Shopping Center, because it sounds good, using all organic ingredients, but I haven't eaten there yet so can't attest to it.

        1. re: bbqboy

          We may do Winchester night #1 cuz we're there. Sounds like
          a tad more food than we'd want before the theater but can
          always do apps and salads. Will check on Smithfields - haven't
          been there. And let me know if/when you hit Milagro's. I love
          good Mexican food.

          1. re: tafttiger

            Well, favorite Mexican Is La Tapatia, the Mexican Meat Market
            in Phoenix, perfect for lunch, closed on Tuesdays.

          2. re: bbqboy

            I've tried Milagro's a couple of times, but the "healthy Mexican fast food thing" doesn't work for me. I wouldn't eat there regularly, as the food is too bland; when I want Chipotle, I save it up for when I'm in Medford and go to the Chipotle there. When I just want a little Mexican, it's Agave; best chips anywhere, salty and deliciously greasy!

      2. We have had wine and appetizers at Winchester Inn, it was very good and the dining room there has a very nice ambiance.

        Peerless is a great choice for dinner in Ashland, but if you can get to Sammy's for dinner, go there. We have two lovely lunches at Sammy's, the food is incredible. :)

        1. Coquina, on A Street. Better duck or scallops are not to be found in Ashland.

          Morning Glory for breakfast or lunch, but allow plenty of time for the wait. Full portions will keep you loaded up for your trip.

          Smithfield's is excellent for meat, and they have a few vegetarian options if that's a factor. They are also doing lunch weekdays and brunch on weekends. Excellent fried chicken, reuben is not to be missed if it's on the specials.

          Taroko is for excellent San Francisco-inspired Asian (mostly Japanese, some Korean and Chinese). Owners are from the SFBay area. Xiao long bao, hamachi collar. Happy hour after 9.

          Kobe is the other excellent Asian choice; Korean short ribs, excellent sushi.

          Taj does classic big-city Indian lunch buffet, and a la carte dinner service.