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Sel de la Terre Back Bay: CLOSED

Boston Globe is reporting that SDLT Back Bay is closed and that the restaurant's last service was Sunday night. Really shocked at this, can't believe that Natick of all locations would be the remaining SDLT open. I know about Boylston St rent, etc., but I always thought that the Back Bay location was a safe bet for tasty food, reasonable prices and nice ambiance. I'll miss their burger and a beer Monday night deal.

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  1. any word on if espalier will be honoring SDLT gift cards?

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        I just got an email from Sel de la Terre that said their gift cards would be accepted at l'Espalier as well as at their Natick location.

      2. The first thing that popped into my head is that the Seaport has claimed another victim. I always found the Back Bay location to be top notch and it will be missed.

        1. I'm saddened. Another victim of the chaining of the city. Quality and care with the food doesn't matter to so many people.

          It was one of the few place you could meet someone and enjoy a meal in the Back Bay if you don't like chains, loud noise or so-so food.

          It was a place you could enjoy a meal on a holiday and still have great food within the special menu.


          1. I've really missed the Long Wharf location. I can't tell you how many times I've been around there and thought it would be nice to go to SDLT.

            1. So sorry to hear this - their steak frites with a glass of red was my celebration-comfort-self-indulgent treat. They had a very nice by-the-glass wine list, too.

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                    lack of patronage, i would guess, and rents are going up again.

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                      Well that would be the obvious answer but it seems like a woeful commentary on Frank M's business acumen.

                      I'm smelling some sort of back story but then again I have a cold and am a bit stuffed up.

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                        Does anyone know what ever happened to his plan to open a place in East somerville?

                        1. re: LeoLioness

                          I was wondering that as well...think I heard somewhere that Frank backed out of it? Anyway, I live in East Somerville and there are two storefronts on Broadway currently in some kind of renovation status. I'd love to understand if they are both going to happen and what they are, b/c it would be such a great addition to the neighborhood, along with Ana Sortun's new place on Pearl St.

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                            That place is tentatively called La Brasa, and apparently it's still moving forward: http://somerville.patch.com/articles/...


                            1. re: MC Slim JB

                              thanks, Slim, good to hear. I also wonder about the place close by across the street on Broadway....but this probably is not the thread for that.