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How often would you say you try a new recipe?

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      1. Not often enough. I'm a recipe hog with folders full of recipes printed off the internet. I probably try one per week except for the weeks when I have plenty of motivation, remember to buy unusual ingredients and time for extra cooking.

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          Ditto this. TONS of recipes; never try them. I probably try new ones once a month, *maybe* twice. (I'm not counting my own "open the cabinets and figure out how I want to cook this chicken" concoctions.)

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            I too am a recipe hog. I have three gigantic binders of recipes I pulled from the internet. I find I use them more than I do my books.

            I sometimes feel like I am in a cooking slump. I go to my books to reinvigorate.

            As for how often I try new ones - I go on jags. I cook what I know on autopilot for a long time and then I am making so much bread or mole that the freezer gets jammed. That happens about once a month. Whenever I go to town and do an Asian goody haul I break out the recipe books and it is something new for dinner most every night.

          2. I've collected quite a few recipes, so I decided to actually test them out. I make about 4 new recipes a week, maybe less.

            1. Probably about two to three times a week.

              1. Other than changing something in one of my standard recipes on the fly, I try a new recipe 2 or 3 times a month.

                I have a list of 25 or 30 "go to" dishes and 5 - 10 "special occasion" dishes I use, primarily.

                I will try a new dish when I am curious about something or some dish sounds really interesting.

                1. Every time I make my nutriceutical to maintain my low cholesterol levels. The nutriceutical is "arrabbiato minestrone denso" (thick spicy minestrone). There are a few constant ingredients of beans and grains which are "resistant starches", cabbage, carrots, onions, and then some ingredients that vary due to availability from my wife's preparations. The latter ingredients can be midribs from either kale or chard, leftover vegetables from the previous night's dinner, root vegetables like rutabaga, etc.

                  nutriceutical = nutritional pharmaceutical

                  I started this regimen more than 5 years ago, and altho I still am on meds (doses have been reduced), my 1st lab results showed a reduction in total cholesterol from over 250 to 111 after 3 months of daily consumption for BREAKFAST. I usually make 2 weeks worth of the stuff in an 8 quart stockpot.

                  When my cardiologist saw the lab results all he could say in a whisper was "I'm amazed."

                  BTW, I'm a devout carnivore altho the minestrone is a meatless concoction.

                  1. I'm a hard-core cookbook collector. Probably have a thousand by now easily. And every single year I make a resolution to do at least one new recipe a week from one of them. I never make it - lol!!

                    I think the problem is that I read these books like novels, & bookmark so many recipes that I get overwhelmed.

                    Plus, the internet is a killer. I find so many new recipes from e-mails & the net, that I nearly always end up trying those first.

                    1. And now I'm going to try and make a list of new-to-me recipes and try them out - at *least* once a week.

                      This will be a project for tonight - go through recipes torn out o magazines and see what I want to make.

                      We'll see how I do. :-)

                      1. Since we have a vegetable garden, a surplus of a particular veggie will generate an internet search for the best recipe to make ... which leads to more recipes. It's very easy for me to become curious about something. On Sat we visited a used bookstore where I did not buy a slim newish looking book on Japanese pickles. My husband doesn't like pickles and I figured I could find several recipes on the web. At this point, I should have bought the book. Plus I still have a daikon radish to use because last week I thought I was going to try making kim chee for the first time.

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                          Ah good luck and have fun with the kimchi. The first time I made it I used the wrong kind of chile. I was the only one that could eat it.

                          You are gonna go back and get that book. I know it.

                        2. About once a week. Ish.