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Jan 28, 2013 07:07 PM


How often would you say you try a new recipe?

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      1. Not often enough. I'm a recipe hog with folders full of recipes printed off the internet. I probably try one per week except for the weeks when I have plenty of motivation, remember to buy unusual ingredients and time for extra cooking.

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        1. re: dfrostnh

          Ditto this. TONS of recipes; never try them. I probably try new ones once a month, *maybe* twice. (I'm not counting my own "open the cabinets and figure out how I want to cook this chicken" concoctions.)

          1. re: dfrostnh

            I too am a recipe hog. I have three gigantic binders of recipes I pulled from the internet. I find I use them more than I do my books.

            I sometimes feel like I am in a cooking slump. I go to my books to reinvigorate.

            As for how often I try new ones - I go on jags. I cook what I know on autopilot for a long time and then I am making so much bread or mole that the freezer gets jammed. That happens about once a month. Whenever I go to town and do an Asian goody haul I break out the recipe books and it is something new for dinner most every night.

          2. I've collected quite a few recipes, so I decided to actually test them out. I make about 4 new recipes a week, maybe less.

            1. Probably about two to three times a week.