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Family in town this week. Good dineLA suggestions?

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My aunt and uncle is in town from the east coast and I cant decide on the best place to take advantage of dineLA. They are somewhat well traveled (just got back from italy). I am unsure of how much they like asian flavors so shying away from that

Craft - doesnt have great times avail
Bazaar - Heard you end up spending 2x just to get full
Lawrys - Old school Beverly hills feel
JiRaffe - Always heard good things
Sotto - is it LA good or real good

Also I am open to non dineLA options but im trying to keep the cost somewhat low. Anyplace that allows corkage is a plus.

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  1. If they just came back from Italy, I would avoid taking them to Sotto. I can't give an opinion of your ther choices but I did the DineLA lunch at Lazy Ox and was very happy with it. Most everything I was considering ordering was on their DineLA menu and I walked away completely satisfied. Amazing rice pudding dessert.

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      My only problem with the Lazy Ox is its location in Little Tokyo. I am worried it might be a little bit too city for my family.

    2. What is "LA good" vs "real good"

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        They have traveled to italy multiple times. LA is not exactly known for it's Italian food.

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          ah, this is in reference to italian food. got it.

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            Piccolo Venice? Despite the lack of "balsamic", the 5 course tasting is one of the better Italian values during DineLA and it's not as "city like Lazy Ox.

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              respectfully disagree:
              my dining partner and i did not enjoy the food that was served to us at Piccolo for their dinela promotion.
              this is completely aside from the balsamic vinegar issue, the importance of which has been blown waaaay out of proportion.
              no plans to return.

              what dishes did you have there as part of the dinela promotion that you would strongly recommend to people who
              <<just got back from italy>> and whom << have traveled to italy multiple times>> ?

        2. Had a great DineLA meal at The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica Canyon last night. Three very generous and delicious courses. Nice variety of selections.

          1. bld

            they always use the lowest price point and have other items, like cocktail specials that they always add. they always seem to enbrace restaurant week which many places do not.

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              Interesting suggestion... thanks

            2. Decided on Craft tomorrow night. Went to Angel City Cafe tonight, opened a '96 martinelli jackass hill. Was Lovely, thanks for the insight!

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                Good decision.

                Craft's roasted winter roots and pickled vegetable tables were highlights. And the roast chicken was spot on. For desserts, ask for double portion of the bombe, or order an extra dessert (I'd go with the tart, the ice creams that arrived were wondrous).

              2. Kind of late but I recommend The Bazaar and Lawrys

                I went to The Bazaar last year and had a pretty great experience overall. The location is quite hip and trendy, most of the diners were generally upscale yuppies. The food portion wise was not great for the price, but I feel that they delivered on taste, texture and novelty. You will definitely need to shell out extra money and order extra from their non dineLA menu. We paid approx $80-100 per person depending on what they added.

                Then went to lawrys just last night. They are one of the restaurants where their dineLA menu actually feels like a bargain (relative of course..) compared to their regular menu. This is how the pricing went:

                Non dineLA: Lawry's Cut (10oz) - $42
                dineLA: Silver Cart Cut (8oz), Lobster Tail, Dessert - $45

                Both come with salad, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding

                Despite the fact that they said it was an 8oz cut, i'm certain I was given (at least) a 10oz cut, I was so full by the end of the meal I literally could not consume anymore food. So for $3 you're getting more variety with essentially the same meat. It is also definitely "old school", the clientele were generally older, with the mix being about 33% families celebrating birthdays, 33% company dinners (or meeting clients), 34% couples on a date/anniversary/etc. I paid approx $55-70 per person after tax n tip, and accounting for drinks.

                Slighty off topic personal opinion, do not go to fogo de chao for dineLA, they reduce the number of avail meat & salad options, and it's a madhouse due to the dineLA crowds.

                1. I would suggest Cafe del Rey in the Marina. It's my go to place for out-of -owners. It's very "California" and my quests have always enjoyed it. I must admit that I haven't been there in over a year.