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Jan 28, 2013 06:50 PM

Peekskill Brewery

first I must say what a beautiful place they put together. Could be confusing for first timers as it was for me but the bar or "tap room" is street level and the restaurant is upstairs. This was my second visit here and I still have mixed feelings. The food I had was delicious but once again on this second visit the service was extremely slow. This was a very slow monday night too only a few other tables taken. first visit we had the wings with chipotle maple sauce, the sauce is amazing i'm going to attempt to replicate it some time, the wings are awkwardly large and not separated. It's very messy to separate the wing pieces. Again it was very tasty. I also had the PB Burger, it was good, nothing crazy or amazing. Tonight I had the Mac n Cheese and it was easily the best Mac n Cheese I've ever had, creamy, cheesy, the bread crumbs on the top were a great touch and thick cut pieces of very smokey bacon...incredible. I've tried a few beers, very good and priced good too. The lemonade was very memorable for me too, made fresh and very delicious and refreshing.

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  1. Sounds good, I want to check out the new place but I think I'll wait for warmer weather. I thought I heard they have a rooftop deck. Do you know if this is so?

    1. Use a knife (and fork if necessary to hold it) to cut the wings into halves before eating the pieces by hand. I've had that at other places where they were served in one piece. I can definitely see that trying to break them apart by hand would be messy if they had sauce.

      1. Trued the new place, and it's a nice looking space.
        Much more energetic feeling and an enjoyable place to be.
        the food remains totally 'eh'.
        The burger was decent, but only that.
        The pickle pot starter was bland, and uninteresting, with each element tasting exactly the same; the celery weird and rubbery.
        Curry Pot Pie was oddly watery and a bit bland as well; clearly made with jarred premade curry powder that was very tepid, and with not much character.
        Pork Belly was nicely cooked in terms of texture, but again bland.
        The fish and chips were just odd, with the fish nearly tasteless and the coating mushy and (again) without flavour.
        Oh, and both the burger and fish and chips had these little stubby chips (fries) that were okay, but odd.

        I like the place itself, so it would be so much better if the food was really worth going for.
        It wasn't.

        1. Did I miss something (re: they moved?) Have been on vacation... If yes, where to versus the "old" location?

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            they're in a beautiful 2 floor space right down the road from the old small space

            1. re: Nancy C

              So they are no longer where they had two entrances around the corner from one another?

              1. re: DGresh

                They moved to the really nice old factory building that was recently renovated across the road from the tracks, facing the riverfront green. I haven't been yet, but it got a good write up in the NY Times since the move.


                1. re: DGresh

                  I recently heard that Yellow Brick Road Cafe ( or something like that) will be going into the old space. It's a reference to the fact that L. Frank Baum went to school at the Peekskill Military Academy and when he got off the train he had to follow the yellow brick road (which was the color of the road at the time, the road was actual yellow bricks, but not like the color in the movie) to walk up to the military academy.

                  1. re: GIOny

                    You got me curious, so I googled it and found a facebook page for the Yellow Brick Road Cafe:

                    It says they are opening this week. This is acutally the space at the corner, in between the two buildings that used to be the Brewery. It was a greasy spoon called something like Susan's and has been empty for quite awhile. I used to go there just for the great view. This is an ideal spot for a cafe, right across from the park and train (and far away enough from the Peekskill Coffee House to not be in direct competition).

                    Thanks for the info!

                    1. re: dma1250

                      Thanks for the correction. Your right that is a great spot for a cafe. Originally I heard the Bayou from Mt. Vernon was looking at the old Brewery spot but this was before the moved out, have not heard anything since.

              2. My husband and I have been to PB a few times in the last couple months and while I wouldn't necessarily call it destination dining we have definitely adopted it into our rotation of favorite casual eateries (up there with Birdsall/Gleason's, MP Taverna, Tap Room @ Kittle House). While the service can be a bit slow on weekend nights, the atmosphere is really laid back and fun, and the food is great. Very family friendly too, which is nice, and some of the tables actually have a river view (across the train tracks, but still!)

                I find the food comparable in style to Birdsall but at a (slightly) lower price point. Generally not as many bells and whistles as BH, but nice for a change, and my beer loving husband likes the setting. Again, while the beer is not necessarily destination worthy, there are some good/interesting choices. The menu changes often, but we have had and liked the wings, the coq au vin shepherd's pie, salads, hot pretzels, and the mac and cheese. Burger was good but overcooked, so we will emphasize the temperature order on that one next time. Also have had the delicious pumpkin cheesecake and numerous beers. My husband rolls my eyes when I order wine at beer-centric restaurants, but I have to note that their wine selection is pretty terrible.

                Anyway, just wanted to post this since we've been enjoying it and it seems a shame not to share!

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                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  We went last night (Saturday night); I'd forgotten this whole discussion about them moving-- we'd been to the old place just about a year ago (which seems kind of like yesterday) but I sort of remembered so we found it soon enough. It is a bit confusing with the downstairs upstairs thing. It was a bit noisier than I like (and a bit darker) but that's what you get on a Saturday night, so it was ok. Food was good-- I loved the Eastern -something IPA; I have always wanted to try poutine and it didn't disappoint-- good comfort food. We also had the coq au vin pie, wings, a burger and a pulled pork sandwich between the three of us. In the future I might try a quieter night.

                  1. re: DGresh

                    Yes can definitely be crowded on weekend nights (including Sunday), and service can be slow then too. I'm going to have to try the poutine next time! Love the wings and coq au vin pie too.