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Valentine's Day dinner

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If you are cooking for your significant other, what will you be preparing?

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  1. Assuming we stay in, it will probably include his favorite corn soup. Lobster claws for me. Steak for him. Steamed artichokes. Some fresh bread. And unbaked cookie dough... and maybe some baked, though he really is ne'er too interested in the cooked product these days.

    1. Lamb Chops with Herbed Meyer Lemon butter and a appetizer of asparagus crostini with prosciutto topped with a poached egg :)

      1. The Capitol Grille restaurant using a $100 gift card.

        1. Assuming you're going to cook in , I may opt for a pepper coated fillet of beef, pan seared then finished in the oven. Add a green veg and a bottle of bubbly, finito!

          1. We're dining in on the 14th.

            To start:

            Prosecco & Parmesan-crusted Potato Chips


            Grilled Porcini & Peppercorn Crusted Filets

            Extra Colossal Shrimp sauteed w garlic and Aleppo pepper

            Caesar Salad

            with a yet to be determined Cabernet Sauvignon


            If all goes well, I hope to make these Red Velvet Icebox Cakes:


            1. This year it will be Vietnamese since she loves it.

              Crab spring rolls
              Bun cha
              Chicken Pho
              Banana packets for dessert

              1. My SO is going to be traveling for work Wednesday-Friday. But, on Thursday I'm going to get a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and keep in the fridge for Friday night to eat after I pick him up from the airport, because it's so stupid and cheesy and I love stupid and cheesy :) On Saturday though, I think I'm going to make the short ribs braised in dark beer with bacon and red onions from the COTM.

                1. We're going out but I did make some bright red beet cupcakes over the weekend. Adding pureed beets gives them a deep red color without tasting like beets. A little white chocolate on top and they are heaven! I call them Valentine's Day Beet Cupcakes.